Ramadan for humans is prayer, fasting, charity, generosity, sacrifice, empathy, and self-accountability. On the other hand, for brands, it is a significant opportunity to reach a focused target audience and a time for making a difference by finding a creative way to bring Ramadan values to life. Brands can reach a million-strong global audience if they focus on building campaigns that are sensitive, powerful, and effective.

Ramadan is a special event for which brands plan and work hard to develop and launch their finest marketing efforts. Although it is a religious month, it has evolved into a competition in which brands from practically every industry strive to be the best or most liked brand and get more customers. However, a brand’s connection with its audience extends beyond just viewership; a successful campaign is about generating conversation and creating valuable content, which leads to increased social media engagement. This month is distinguished by the time of year when viewers are enthralled by commercials. Viewers look forward to seeing what sorts of creative concepts the major businesses will exhibit; they expect to see something new each year.

Every year, Ramadan continues to bombard viewers with advertisements that take up more than half the time of any TV show. This holy month witnesses a heated competition between brands in ads such as FMCG products brands, dairy brands, banks, cars, telecommunications, even famous compounds, and clothing brands. So, no matter in what industry or sector you are, or how large or small your business is, you can benefit from Ramadan.

No business cannot benefit from Ramadan, as proven by the fact that every year in various sectors, such as homeware, and underwear products brand that have nothing to do with Ramadan benefit from it and even compete with its rivals in ads, commercials.

The potential isn’t limited to TV advertising; during Ramadan, you may gain from ads on social media and merely posts, stories, live videos and more. Before creating a plan for Ramadan, you need to first consider 4 Main Aspects that will empower your Ramadan social media plan. And while creating ideas, your goal should be to develop content that can attract an audience and build a creative campaign concept that is related to Ramadan as well as something else creative for it to stick in people’s minds. All you need to do is think of a creative new idea that can also relate to a trend. You may use influencers, famous actors, or superstars to attract their fans to your brand, but most importantly, focus on generating a fun, emotional, or comedic idea since this is what the audience is waiting for in such a month.

The best thing about Ramadan’s focused campaigns is that engagement and activity rates remain for the rest of the year and probably the following one if your campaigns are powerful enough.

There is always an opportunity for your brand to improve its marketing strategy by staying on top of the game during this time of year. Whether you are running a small business or an established organization, Ramadan has always had a great opportunity for brands to earn more leads and generate more sales.