Paid ads is a tricky business that can consume a huge budget if not done by experts, on the other hand, you can significantly boost your sales, generate leads and increase awareness about your brand if you use paid ads in the right direction with the right strategy.

It’s our responsibility to add your budget in the suitable ads outlet that will serve your business. After studying your business needs and knowing your objectives, we will decide which ads outlet we will use; Google Ads, Youtube campaigns or Social media ads.

To guarantee the optimum results and based on your objectives, some businesses may need the three outlets as each outlet achieves different objectives, which depends on the business strategy.

Your business can appear on the first page of Google Search Engine easily with the least effort, but you may not reach your business objectives and ask yourself what did I do wrong?

Let we take you to a quick trip to know how to have a successful Google Ads campaign;

Our digital strategists identify with you your campaign objectives, simply it’s what you want to achieve from this campaign; Online leads, Website Traffic or Offline visitors.

After identifying the campaign objectives, our team identifies the keywords that are relevant to your business that the potential audience uses in the search engine and get the ad in front of the right customers (Conversion)-Qualified lead, moving to targeting the audience that are interested in your brand, the next step the team suggests the suitable duration for the campaign that fulfils these goals with the optimum results.

Moving forward to the budget, we understand your budget, discuss it and consult.

The last step is the campaign’s frequent optimization, which is the most crucial phase as it indicates whether we’re on the right track or not.

Want your brand to appear on the feeds while your potential audience scroll down their platforms? It’s our duty!

Social Media Ads connect your brand to the accurate audience that you wish to buy your product or use your services, the whole trick about the ads is how accurate is the audience you are targeting, Is this person taking an action towards your brand? Ever? If not, then you are on the wrong track.

Our digital strategists will make sure that your brand connects with the right people that are interested in your product/service with very few steps. After knowing your brand, studying its sector and understanding the reason behind the ads campaign; brand awareness, driving traffic, boosting sales or generating leads, we study your target audience segment starting from the demographics till their behaviour, to be able to create the suitable ad set that will be used in the campaign.

As always, the most important step is the ads optimisation to assure moving in the right direction.

Youtube ads are becoming as important as the most used social media ads (Facebook & Instagram) in the last few years, as people intentionally search for the product/brand they are interested in on youtube, which makes it an easier tool to generate more qualified leads.

With very few steps, your ad will be seen by the right audience that we already chose, and you will only pay when someone watches at least 30 seconds of your ad, your money is never wasted on users that are not interested in your video.

Our digital strategists will run your youtube campaign starting from uploading the video with the best runtime for the campaign’s goal, moving to choosing the target audience that may be interested in your brand; Whether by topic, keyword or demographics, following to the next step is defining the suitable budget and your campaign is ready! We optimize, analyze and report.