Brand-Customer Reliance

Have you ever asked yourself how can people have a relationship with a brand?

The Relationship between customers and brands is one of the most important things that brands strive for when building their audience as it can make or break the brand. It is a relationship that has been proven to be successful when done right and there are many factors that make it work:

Trust that goes both ways

When a brand decides to commit to building themselves, they need to put their trust in customers that put their trust in the brand and by doing that there needs to be an understanding of the customer’s needs because once it’s fulfilled, the trust will grow therefore they will come back for more and eventually become loyal.

Create an ideal brand persona

Having a brand persona that caters to the customers well can be a game changer as it will make the brand feel more human to the customer. Having an easygoing brand persona can increase trust and make the customers more willing to engage with the brand.

Always be present

There is a new brand every day and now people have short attention spans so always be present and engage in popular trends and topics as that can give you more attention and ensure that your customers don’t forget about you.

When customers feels like they have a good relationship with a brand it can make them very loyal as they will be willing to buy anything that the brand puts out and even recommend it to other people because it feels like an extension of them, they feel like the brand is an actual person that is interacting with them which can also lead to parasocial relationships.

Building relationships with customers is nothing new and has been happening for as long as we can remember and if anything, it just keeps evolving.

Let me give you a run down

In the 2000’s a lot of the famous ways that brands would try to appeal to the customers was through ads that usually consisted of an easy song to listen to and remember which made people buy these products.

As time passed with the rise of YouTube in the early 2010’s, brands built relationships with the customers by making ads in the form of short skits that can make people laugh and feel like the brand is humble and not taking itself seriously.

After years and years of this formula being successful, social media usage became a lot more severe and brands couldn’t ignore that, and they had to strengthen that relationship by using social media, brands now are always using memes and interactive content on their social media to appeal to different generations and age groups using the right platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Instagram’s newest creation threads.

Making a great plan for social media marketing can feel easy, however executing it is not and to do it skillfully you need to work with the right people using the right tools.