Hello Decision Maker!

The “top ten” articles that rate almost everything are attractive and sometimes  beneficial. But they are only beneficial if the author’s criteria are similar to yours. This won’t be your typical  top 10 digital marketing agencies list. However, we will show you how YOU can use YOUR criteria to decide which are the top 10 digital marketing agencies  in your opinion. 

Who decides the top and  bottom options on a list? 

The answer is YOU! The problem is that people assume that what is on a “top ten” or “10 best..” list  is a universal list that they believe should be met. But that’s completely wrong and that’s why we chose this article to avoid typical listings. Because the best list you can find is one that you create with your  own detailed criteria based on what you are prioritizing. In digital marketing agencies, you  generally cannot name a particular agency as the best or the worst agency. An agency can offer a client a unique selling point  that is not important to another client!


Top ten digital marketing agencies in Egypt

As a business looking for a marketing solution, you need to know what to  prioritize and what not to prioritize. A reputable business agency  does not necessarily prove that it is the best agency out there, it may not be the right one for the type of business you are in. For this reason, your focus should be on the quality of the results, rather than whether or not this agency is well known. 

Quality> Quantity is a common ideology. But, how can you apply when choosing the agency? This is how you do it; understand what you want to achieve with your marketing solution. How this agency will help you get there. We have to emphasize that quality is much  more important  than quantity, because this is how we at Leogami are constantly evolving!

Criteria for choosing an agency!

To know which agency is right for you, you need to know  your project, your mission, and your goals. After extensive research, we came across a multitude of criteria that brands often think of when choosing an agency. We recommend that you  read this section while viewing the infographic below to fully understand and decide on your criteria. 

The Beginning – Before the Bridge 

The first thought that comes to  mind when choosing an agency is probably one of three directions:

  1. Am I price conscious at the moment, do I have to keep a strict budget? 

 Unfortunately, you have downgraded a life-changing level of quality in this direction, but that does not mean that the quality is below average. It simply means that you need to do more extensive research than usual, as you can get a good quality of workmanship at a moderate price. Which depends on the next step: “After the 1st bridge”. 

2. Looking for the best quality? 

 Here you want a life-changing experience with the agency to renew the era of digital marketing  for the brand. Then the most important thing for you after quality is also internal quality. 

3.  Looking for a portfolio of big-logos? 

 Regardless of quality or price, you may want an agency that works for large, well-known logos. We do not recommend this approach as these criteria can be very misleading.

The Middle – After the First Bridge 

 When you have completed the “Before the Bridge” step above, we recommend that you study the criteria in more detail. We think this could be a number of different criteria that some will choose from: 

1. Rapid Response Agency : Will you be constantly available to  provide updates and changes? 

 2. Hospitality: Do you receive your clients with kindness and comfort? 

 3. Friendly environment:  Are you strictly formal or  friendly to work with your community? 

 4. Information session vs. Accuracy: Is there almost 100% similarity between the briefing discussed and the work done? 

 5. Competent Personnel:  Are the  agency marketers competent enough to achieve the desired result? 

 6. Power of account management: Will they be able to solve last minute problems and problems?

The Finale – THE BEST DEAL! 

 Finally, after this journey of decisions and priorities, you reach your optimal criteria  and probably a small group of agencies  to work with. What we recommend for your final solution  is the best offer: price vs. quality. We believe this is the smartest and most efficient deal that will deliver long-term results. This is  the maximum success  for your company.

At Leogami, we are results-oriented . We like to focus on valuable marketing goals and measures that can be easily implemented in the future. Basically to create a good foundation for the future, even if we stop working with this client at some point. So that the base is easy to maintain. We will not tell you which are the “Best Marketing Agencies”, but we will tell you how to find the best agency that suits you, because  we are!