Hello Content Creators,

Have you ever wondered what content recycling is? It’s sometimes called ‘Content Repurposing’, basically it’s when you use the same content again such as reposting, retweeting or re-sharing, however in different ways on your social channels.

Examples for content recycling;

  1. Turn social media post into infographics
  2. Turn old content into videos or GIFs
  3. Create Youtube videos with old content
  4. Turn a blog into a discussion 
  5. Post snippets of already posted videos
  6. Update an old blog and re-publish it

Why should you consider content recycling?

Content recycling allows you to be always active on social media, it expands your brand’s reach, moreover it can boost your SEO. It gives you the opportunity to use different formats on your social media channels such as blogs, videos, GIFs, infographics and others.


Content Recycling


Make sure that you know the difference between content recycling and content repetitiveness! You don’t want your audience to think that you are lazy to create new content and lose your audience. In addition, using content recycling does not mean that you lack creativity, it’s a marketing strategy that is used to increase your brand awareness and reach.