Funky Fish


Funky Fish


Digital Marketing



Funky Fish is an international fashion brand, available in more than 20 countries with almost 130 stores, targeting teenage girls and young women. The account was a challenging account due to the large competition of similar brands targeting the same age range, however, Leogami team came up with a strategy that created a new brand positioning and a professional image through the digital marketing campaigns that lasted for 1 year. The campaigns were themed differently based on the season (summer or winter) and the occasion of the month. In addition, we provided products photos sessions presented in the store as well as modeling photos that showed the products in different and modern way, moreover, we have covered the events of all the offline activations that was held by brand stores.

This strategy differentiated Funky Fish on social media as we were active on a daily basis with interesting content and the store’s products were always appearing to the target audience which increased the engagement as well as the stores walk-ins. Our objectives were met through the digital marketing and the campaigns were remarkably successful and satisfying.