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Kinetica Sports

Digital Marketing


Kinetica Sports

Kinetica Sports is an international brand (Irish), leading and innovative sports nutrition brand offering the latest in sport and fitness supplements. Leogami team worked on the protein bar line in Kuwait market. Such a business has a large amount of competitors in Kuwait market which was challenging for us, therefore, we followed a very distinctive strategy that matches the Kuwait culture to perfectly represent the international brand through Instagram, which created a unique brand image and positioning for Kinetica that differentiated the brand among its competitors.

Another challenge that we faced was launching the campaigns all in “Kuwaiti accent” which made us learn the accent so that the content written is related to the market that we are working in. The outcome of the campaigns was a huge success on social media, as the engagement increased and Kinetica protein bars were introduced in more stores after the digital marketing campaigns as well as their sales were relatively increasing.

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