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ESLSCA University – IMT

Eslsca (École Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées) is a private and independent French institution of higher education, launched their branch in Egypt form 70 years. ESLSCA University recently started a new department in Egypt called IMT (Innovative Management Technologies & Digital Studies) in January 2019. IMT is a Business School that provides management technologies as well as digital studies, that provides international courses and diplomas where the attendees acquire great knowledge to start new careers and jobs such as Innovation Strategist and others. Leogami is responsible for the digital marketing of the international courses that include Big Data course, Internet of Things (IoT) course, Prince2 Agile Course, etc.. 

Leogami team started the digital marketing for the international courses since day one which was challenging for us since the target audience for these courses are highly different in criteria and interests. We started through social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) by creating awareness for the courses using creative designs and briefs about content directed to the target audience that are precisely chosen. As well as interesting information about the courses and what the attendee will learn through the course, and what the international course certificate will add to his career. We created a lead generation campaign and mini website with the registration form so that we can target the most accurate audience highly interested in the courses which was posted through social media to gather leads so that we can follow up with them through detailed content. This campaign is promoted through ads on social media to gather the greatest number of leads. Leogami team used email marketing to follow up with the target audience via email to know how to register and the course details, including interesting info about the course. The integration of these marketing tools makes outstanding results since our campaigns are still running and the outcome so far is very promising as we captured a great number of leads and still in process till the courses start in October 2019.

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