Hello Content Creators!

Instagram Reels have been booming during 2021, if you are a business owner and social media marketing affects your business, here are some reasons why you need to start using Instagram reels!

Instagram reels are very short video snippets (15 seconds) that are mainly used for brand awareness, they are very important as they appear on the Explore page and the Reels page.

Why should using Instagram Reels be in your social media strategy?

  • Increase the account reach: As the reel appears in the Explore page and Reel page, this increases your account to reach a large number of audience and get more engagement on the reel
  • Catchy content: Reels give you the space to be creative and create more engaging content on your feed, by using effects, trending music and hashtags your reel will be highly engaging.
  • They are always there: Unlike stories, reels are always available and do not vanish after 24 hours, which makes them more shareable and visible to the audience.

Effective ways to use Instagram Reels:

  • Provide tips and tricks to the audience; Through short snippets to support your service such as DIY.
  • Add behind the scenes snippets; This type of content increases engagement and let the audience get closer to your business.
  • Add teasers for any upcoming events; Give sneak peeks from what is coming up and ask your audience to guess.
Instagram Reels

Make sure that your social media marketing strategy is always up to date  with the new platforms trends, as they can add to your business in an indirect way. Since social media platforms are evolving everyday, so is the competition! Don’t lose the opportunity and stay connected with your audience.