Let’s think of your business as a person called “x” and the potential pool of buyers as “y” and lastly let’s think of the marketing strategy as the relationship that ties “x” to “y”.

We are going to take you through the cycle of this relationship. Your business changes based on the economic factor of demand and supply.

Demand became less than what’s offered to be supplied. In order to compete with other entities and win, you need to go through an organized cycle that establishes the relationship between you and the customers.

“X” has to start by showing persona 1.

Persona one is nice and approachable. You start by showing off your business in a nice and approachable way. Be informative, helpful and comforting. Supply all details that customers need and never ask them directly to buy. Persona 1 is not a salesman, it’s the nice guy that just helps people search and navigate the best possible choice for themselves.

Afterwards, persona 2 appears.

Persona 2 is all about realism, you’ll address the privileges that clients get if they choose to buy your products; You talk about certifications, guarantees, customer reviews and experience.

Show off the attractive factor about your brand. The whole purpose of this is to attract and only attract. You’re probably thinking why all of this process when you can just sell, but facts are that if you take the time and effort to establish the right path to your clients, you’re more likely to score.

Speaking of scoring, it brings us to persona number 3.

Persona 3 is demanding and bossy. This is the right time to throw in the call for action directly. Ask the customer to buy.

We hope that you succeed in getting that perfect relationship with your customers.

Try it the Leogami way, it works.