Is your brand on TikTok yet? If not, you’re probably missing a lot. TikTok is now the world’s number one most consumed social media platform and most downloaded app worldwide. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity that such an app offers to boost your brand awareness, connect with your target audiences, appeal to new audiences, drive sales, strengthen your local presence, and fuel your content marketing engine.

If you’re a marketer or have a lot of marketing knowledge, you’re definitely aware of how crucial insights are. As a result, you’ll be interested in the forthcoming news.

TikTok has created a new tool that gives insights that marketers may use to target various demographics all around the world. These insights allow you to filter out extraneous data and acquire just the insights that are relevant to your business. The tool is completely free to use and would make an excellent addition to your marketing toolbox.

There are several data filtering methods to pick from, such as region, demographics, industry vertical, date, and so on. If for example, you wanted to know what the key trends are among TikTok users in Egypt over Ramadan, you would get data highlights like The top 3 categories for Eid shopping where Tiktok played a role: 1. Fashion, 2. Gaming, 3. Beauty and personal care. And then gives you a percentage of TikTok users who made an Eid purchase who said they were inspired and got new ideas from TikTok and other important insights which you can download from the download button. 

TikTok insight tool is similar to Facebook’s in that it aims to provide a more personalized view of critical data rather than broad studies and whitepapers that may be found to be irrelevant to the requirements needed. The provided data and information aid in guiding a strategic approach and informing our decisions. But, there is only one drawback right now which is that the insights database doesn’t seem deep enough, where many of the same data points can be shown in several categories, that means they may not be as specific as they seem.

TikTok, on the other hand, has so much potential for insights to become a useful resource as it grows over time. As expected, anything newly released improves with time. We can’t afford to miss out on TikTok’s amazing potential.