Hello Business Owners!

Imagine you want to buy a really good meal, but you must buy each part of the meal from a different place. So you head to Mcdonalds and buy a big tasty sandwich. Then head to Burger King to buy their curly fries. Finally, you drive over to Hardee’s and buy a soda drink. You got your full meal! but it’s been super hectic, you already lost a few liters of gas and you aren’t that hungry anymore! Imagine this really good meal is a good digital marketing solution, but you have to head onto several stops and cash registers to finally have your full digital marketing solution. What if you had the option of going to a fully integrated digital marketing agency that would provide what each stop will provide, but in one big stop?  

 The idea behind the one-stop shop of a fully integrated digital marketing agency is that it promotes efficient spending and saves money of paying for a ‘combo meal’ of a fully integrated digital service. It cuts the cons of taking one service each in different agencies. The diversity of services start to complement each other smoothly. This then creates a balanced output from each service offered, because they’re simply from the same agency brain.


The mystery behind integrated digital marketing

A Step Back, What Is Integrated Digital Marketing?

The term integrated digital marketing in general can be understood in very different ways, depending on how you view it. We perceive it as the integration of branding, designing, providing digital marketing, website creation and development all at once. These aspects create what is known as the integrated digital marketing, aka ‘the combo meal’ of properly marketing a brand.

This integration drives the agency to offer a solution rather than just a service delivery. A collective solution offering that would change the client’s brand as a whole. Moving it from just a regular brand that one casually stumbles upon, to a brand of quality representation to be remembered.

Essentially, integrated marketing agencies are ones that can satisfy all of their clients’ marketing needs under one roof. Looking at things from different service perspectives rather than just the lense of one service makes the outcome long term and effective. Here’s when ‘breadth’ and ‘depth’ come to life.

Generally speaking, Breadth is the full span of knowledge of a certain subject/general topic. That is what makes integrated digital marketing agencies preferable. They are more likely to try diverse approaches when offering a certain service.

Complexity is something they are more familiar with, since they adapt the strategy of integration in their services. But the true addition an integrated digital marketing agency usually has is the depth of learning on its services. Which brings us to another part of the spectrum. depth is the extent a topic is deeply known and explored.

Breadth does require knowledge but it’s a general form of knowledge. Depth is the complexity of this knowledge on a certain aspect. So applying depth on a marketing agency would be knowing how to perfect one certain service, making it the best offering.

That’s when we show how an integrated digital marketing agency can obtain ultimate perfection in its output! By simply having this proper mixture of breadth and depth. Knowing how to have the right amount of general knowledge of all the services that can be offered and also having depth of knowledge in each service provided. 

The diverse pool of clients is what creates improvement in an agency’s depth and breadth. And that’s what we strive to work on! Our portfolio in Leogami is as diverse as it gets, and this isn’t much of a challenge for us. We see it as an opportunity of adding our breadth of integrated services to the depth of each service alone, in unique and different brands.