Ramadan is on the corner; you must grasp how to benefit from this global event to capitalize on the numerous chances. Here, we will go over several aspects of Ramadan marketing to help you create an effective marketing plan and prevent pitfalls.

*Ramadan 2022, will take place starting the 2nd of April and ending on the 1st of May.

How to create a social media plan for Ramadan 2022.
Aspects to consider for planning.


  • Make a content calendar and plan ahead.
    When should I start planning for Ramadan 2022?
    If you’re asking yourself this question, the answer is “as soon as possible,” because the sooner the better. Some companies start planning months in advance, so you can never be too early.
  • Pay attention to time.
    Focus on when the audience is most active during the day. As a result of the digital age, we’re living in, people are more likely to spend more time online during the holy month of Ramadan. And there is more time now to spend networking due to the shorter working hours. 
    Throughout Ramadan, people stay up longer and have more downtime, especially before iftar and during Suhoor. The peak hours for social media use are before iftar and between 12 and 4 a.m.


Create Ramadan-specific content to connect with your audience.

Focus on:

  • Trends:
    You should keep up with marketing trends, especially during Ramadan, as this is the month when people are most eagerly waiting for new creative ideas.
  • Themes and symbols:
    Ramadan has its own set of symbols and themes. It’s critical to come up with at least one theme that may be linked to your brand whether it’s charity, family, spirituality, or hospitality, and to play with it.

Engaging posts
Around this period, using a conversational tone is crucial as people love to engage and personalize communication with brands during that month.

Post some fun questions as a User-generated content to create engagement.
Show the human side of your organization by sharing some behind-the-scenes photos and videos. Share special occasions like iftar together, or show them the office decorations.
Create contests and competitions with giveaways using a custom Ramadan-themed hashtags to encourage your audience to post and take part in the contest. 


There are 5 types of audience in Ramadan.

  • Foodies.
    As a result of the family and friend gatherings in Ramadan, many people search for new ways to prepare delicious foods and treats. Therefore, internet searches are particularly popular, with individuals looking for special prices on groceries, household supplies, new recipes, and ideas on how to prepare delicious new dishes.
  • Screen Lovers.
    In addition to prayers and religious congregations, there is still plenty of time for individuals to enjoy watching or playing video games to find something entertaining to watch or play during their fasting. As a result, live streaming, interesting videos, quizzes, and games are ideal for this audience. 
  • Ramadan DIYers.
    Many adhere to the concept of “Do it yourself” and diligently explore the internet and social media for the most recent solutions and trends for enhancing and upgrading something. They will be on the lookout for tutorial videos and posts, price comparisons of tools and products, etc.
  • Health & Wellness Gurus.
    There is a large group of people who take advantage of Ramadan to lose weight. They search for online solutions to maintain their fitness, weight, and sense of wellbeing. 

They mostly search for:

    • Home gym equipment’s
    • Fitness trackers and plans
    • Sports shoes and clothes
    • Nutritional supplements and vitamins
    • Organic foods 
  • Spiritual Seekers
    During the holy month, this type of audience will spend time online and on social media searching for seminars and videos with religious content, as well as looking for information on community volunteering and charitable activities.




Use Social media for discovering news




Spend more money on shopping




Explore new brands and products 




*The source is from the twitter community.

In conclusion, Ramadan provides a chance for companies to meet marketing and sales objectives while also building strong consumer connections.
Focusing on trends that emerge now and then is critical to encouraging an audience to engage and targeting the right audience at the right time will have a significant impact. Remember that research, analysis, and monitoring are essential both before and after planning.