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Leaders International College


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Leaders is one of the top-ranked international schools in Egypt with full IB and AdvancED accreditations programs, Leaders joined Leogami on June 2019 where social media was not an essential tool for them to reach their target audience, therefore, Leogami team started the account with a comprehensive research about the school and it’s competitors along with checking and studying the IB and AdvancED programs from the accreditors websites to get a full overview about them, according to the research, the digital marketing team put a high-level social media strategy using Facebook and Instagram to reach the potential customers social media objectives in order to be aligned with the school’s main strategy.

Leogami team has started the social media strategy with creating a social media identity and brand presence by creating a very attractive and catchy social media designs, therefore, we started working on social media campaigns such as Brand awareness in order to present the school learning methodology and programs, school facilities, staff, school daily life and the events, in addition, we have run page likes and reach campaigns to attract more potential fans/parents along with ongoing interesting content campaign.

After creating the main strategy and campaign, it was the time for creating a paid ads strategy to reach our objectives, we promoted all our campaigns with ads through social media in order to reach the widest range of people which in turn led to a significant increase in the newcomers for the school. As seen from the above, the clients’ needs were highly fulfilled through the digital marketing that met the objectives of increasing the brand awareness for Leaders School consequently, increased the number of new students registered in the school.