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Eslsca (École Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées) is a private and independent French university that has been in Egypt for 70 years. IMT (Innovative Management Technologies and Digital Studies) is the new department in Egypt from January 2019. 

IMT is a business school offering management technologies as well as digital studies providing  international courses and diplomas in which students acquire great knowledge to start new careers and jobs  as an innovation strategist and others. 

We are honored to be responsible from day one for the digital marketing for the international courses, including Big Data courses, Internet of Things (IoT) courses, Prince2 Agile courses, etc.

It was a challenge for us as the target audience for these courses are quite different in terms of criteria and interests. So we started through social networks (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) by publicizing the courses with creative designs and content aimed at the precisely selected audience.

We created a lead generation campaign and a mini website with the registration form so that we can target the most precise audience with high interest in the courses  and be able to follow up with them through detailed content. And here comes the role of our media buying experts in promoting the campaign through ads on social media to collect the potential customers.