7 is famous for being a lucky number that applies to your digital marketing strategy too. You would think that convincing a consumer to spend their money on your products or services would be easy if it is in fact a great product. However, the truth is that 90% of viewers tend to make the final decision to purchase after 7 delicate and forceful touches of their hectic psychology.

If you own a business, there must’ve been a point of the dramatic downfall of sales. It happens.

Take us for example, we are the best in the field of digital advertising; we know how to solve that simple and mere issue of exposure, you’re here. You’re still reading, we got you, didn’t we?

How to get that exposure for your business is as easy as finishing that article. 

Show up. Showing up is the first step, you need to show up with strong branding identity and enforcing likeability. People tend psychologically to trust what they see more if they see it a lot.

Second, when you meet someone great you click but you won’t trust them, you’ll only trust them if they continue to show up. In order to establish a presence, the viewer needs to see you a lot and with different things to offer or multiple approaches to say the least. After you show up, you start injecting interest by showcasing the best of your brand, while clearly highlighting why it is the best. You start hitting with offers and new interesting content, then the magic spell works, you have got the viewer hooked and that was just the third.

Beyond hooking the viewer, Four, you need to go deep. Deeper than ever, highlight the extreme details of your products or service. The devil truly is in details but that shouldn’t be the case in your perfectly made and presented product. Adding extreme details and close-ups will show that you have nothing to hide. 


After that comes number 5 you suggest, create the idea in the viewers mind that they need your product. Because it’s new, because it’s the best, or because it’s expensive.

At this point you throw number six, anything you highlight will clear up as a need, even if it is in reality, just a simple upgrade that will make their day better. For example, If you use Leogami’s services in digital, we will do all of this for in perfectly tailored packages and deliver the results ready to you, which will be professional content and ultimate results but doing it on your own is risky and who really wants to risk hard earned money on advertising that doesn’t touch the right spot.

After that you touch one final time with the offer that the viewer will buy, lucky number 7. “With Leogami your business will thrive, because we are a group of professionals that know how to convince”.