Why Magento is the Best e-Commerce platform ?

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There are several e-Commerce platforms that you can choose from when you are looking to setup an online store. However, when you are first starting out in e-Commerce you might not have a clue about the functionality’s of your platform that you’ll value the most. Therefore we have laid out 10 reasons to prove that Magento is the best e-Commerce platform. Apart from fixes, people are constantly trying to improve the code, making database queries more efficient and adding new potential features to the platform. This ensures that Magento constantly evolves to fit the needs of store owners.


There are thousands of Magento store owners who want to make their e-Commerce platform more secure. Thousands of people are skimming through the source code of Magento on a daily basis to spot bugs or vulnerability’s. When they are found, fixes can easily be submitted by the community and the fixes will be included in the next update.

SEO Friendly

Search Engine traffic is one of the most important factors in running an online store. If you don’t get any love from Google, your store won’t get any visitors and sales. Luckily, Magento is SEO Friendly out of the box. This means that Google indexes your pages correctly, uses Meta titles and descriptions and Rich Snippets. Another feature to check off on our “best e-Commerce platform” checklist!

Apart from the search engine friendliness, Magento is also very user friendly. Since Community Edition 1.9, Magento is Responsive by default. This means that your shop will automatically adjust to your visitor’s screen size. This is a feature that is very important for Mobile Commerce which is growing each year. With the responsive feature visitors are able to check your store in a convenient format, and it will increase your mobile conversion rate. With Magento you are ready for Mobile Commerce!

User Friendly

Magento has been developed with you, the store owner in mind. Never has managing an online store been so easy. Advanced reports and statistics about your clients buying behavior, interests, most searched products and much more make customer targeting a breeze. You can easily integrate a visitor tracking program like Google Analytics in Magento, and advanced email marketing is possible. Send emails to abandoned cart owners, on customer birthdays and much more!

Apart from the backend, the frontend is also easy to configure for store owners. With product attributes you can add filters to let customers filter for products by brand, color, size or price. You can of course add your custom attributes to make filtering more advanced for your customers. Adding up and cross sell products to your main product is as easy as it gets, 1 click and you are done. Same goes for related products.


Magento has the power to host thousands of products in your online store and inventory. The system is fully focussed on growth, and their slogan has been: e-Commerce platform for growth for years! Most businesses start with the free Community edition and after they have experienced that growth they switch to the Magento Enterprise edition. The platform literally grows with your business.



One of the other major advantages of Magento is the use of Multishops. You can manage multiple stores on multiple domain names all from 1 backend. This makes it extremely easy for a store owner to open up a second webshop, while keeping the workload to a minimum as practically nothing changes. Same admin panel to manage 2 stores from. This is another feature that makes Magento the best e-Commerce platform as a user who sells iPad cases can now easily open a store that sells iPhone cases on a new domain, while still managing every store from the same backend.

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