5 New WhatsApp Updates You Can’t Miss out On!

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The application that has now become a necessity to 55.6% of 187 countries in the world according to SimilarWeb. WhatsApp is the second most used message application after Facebook and it’s not planning to stop getting better anytime soon. Especially with constant updates and features done. We’ve gathered 5 recent WhatsApp updates that may (or may not) be life changing for us!



  1. Announcement hubs for Admins only

Let’s get things straight, a WhatsApp group with more than 10 people is a group that gets muted instantly. No matter how important it is. This update is basically creating WhatsApp groups and only allowing admins to text announcements without it getting lost in unimportant replies and conversations. It makes it SO much easier for groups with a large group of people to be handled!


  1. Group Video Chats

Finally! WhatsApp decided to develop calls further by creating a great update of group video chat where it can hold up to 4 people within the same video chat. It has been announced that its created to work under slow network conditions. Which is great news for many that struggle to video call in fragile network conditions. Like chatting, calls are end-to-end encrypted as well.

If you’re in the MENA region it might not be available right now as it isn’t available in all regions yet.

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  1. Ads now on Whatsapp

This is good news for people and bad news for others. However we’re tempted to see this. This update will supposedly help users be familiar with business on WhatsApp, the ads are powered by Facebook’s advertising system. WhatsApp’s ads will be implemented for the Status feature in WhatsApp beta. Might this be a start of a WhatsApp Business evolution?

Fun Fact: We actually predicted ads happening on WhatsApp back in January in this article here


  1. Share Facebook pages via WhatsApp  

Facebook added a button on business pages to directly ‘invite on WhatsApp’. Once you click on it it redirects to to WhatsApp to share the page with any of your contacts. It might be a minor update but we’re definitely sure it’s a start of an even bigger update.

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  1. WhatsApp Chat Backups not Encrypted?

Usually messages in all WhatsApp conversations are send using end-to-end encryption. Basically having all your messages completely secure. So only the reader and the sender can read the conversation. However WhatsApp recently had an update that may slightly backfire. This update is that the company added free backups provided by Google. This totally breaks the encryption applied. Yes, things are still secure while it’s in the phone but the free backups that are now provided by Google are not encrypted. Anybody can potentially read the messages. So once its out, its out.


WhatsApp has been developing as fast as the ray of light. However it could backfire, like it did in #5’s update. Not all WhatsApp updates is a step forward, it could actually be taking you a few steps back.  Mark is taking risky steps to compete with Google. Especially after Google’s G-Suite is now slightly more involved into business solutions. Google Chat for business, Allo and Duo. On the other hand, we’re really excited about the rest of the WhatsApp updates! Ads, group video chats, announcement hubs? We’ll be trying them all!

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