Welcome Bosch Home Appliances in Leogami

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Bosch Home Appliances
Bosch Home Appliances

Bosch is an international brand (German) for home appliances, available in more than 60 countries worldwide, they are considered as Europe’s number- one home appliances brand. Bosch was launched in Egypt, in June 2019, and their social media marketing started in July 2019 till now.

Leogami cooperation with Bosch was a great pleasure for us yet very challenging! It’s our first time working with a home appliances brand, and it’s our honour to start this sector with an international brand such as Bosch. We have been working for Bosch for 4 months now, we had a great experience learning from them, and learning how to deal with home appliances’ buyers through moderating the social media pages. 

Being picked to be the digital marketing agency responsible for Bosch in Egypt for the online marketing was a step forward for our agency, it was very challenging, and the competition was stiff, yet we were the chosen agency and we are making our best to present the brand to the Egyptian market in the best way. We are working hand in hand with Bosch team locally and globally, to produce the perfect outcome that suits a huge brand such as Bosch. 

We have launched 4 campaigns till now, we still have many ideas to focus on for our future campaigns, as 2020 is full of surprises and new strategies for Bosch in Egypt, so stay tuned for our work in 2020 🙂

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