Stratamark’s 3 Month Journey Campaign

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Our next medical journey in line is Stratamark. A company that creates medical products designed and clinically proven for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks. It was both a test and a chance to raise awareness about this issue. Our journey with Stratamark was a 3-month campaign. Aimed towards creating a quick, strategic success that can have long-term objectives reached easily. This strategy was able to raise awareness on the nature of the brand as well as its conditions, locations and cautions. Here are some of the challenges we faced and our strategy of development with the brand.



There were two main issues we faced in the beginning. The first one was the big pool of competitors that Stratamark had. And the second was their pricing strategy, which was slightly more expensive than Stratamark’s competitors. Stratamark was a product of high quality, however people did not see that. We needed people to understand that it was a high-end product that truly created an effect on stretch marks.

Because of consumers’ previous experiences with other products related to stretch marks, people questioned whether the product had a true effect or not. They assume that because they didn’t find results from the other products, they won’t find results with Stratamark as well.

These problems were solely based on the lack of brand awareness and information on the company. People needed to understand the brand’s nature and how we are indeed different than the rest of the competitors.

How Digital Marketing Effects the Product Sales Pharmamart Leogami



Successful Objectives

We decided to create a fixed digital brand identity on Stratamark’s social media platforms. We follow the brand’s international guidelines, the same color palettes and the same visual path.

At the same time, we created brand awareness campaign for the right market segmentation. Who exactly can benefit from the product best. So we presented the product as a solution for women who just had birth or those who lose weight quickly.

It was a very successful brand awareness campaign. Later on, we found people asking about the product and they started buying it to try it out. We created a great room for brand loyalty between Stratamark and its customers. So we presented the places that they can find the product in. Soon enough, people began to write positive feedback on the company’s page.

After creating a suitable fan base. We began creating interesting content that drove engagement on the nature of the product and the idea behind stretch marks in general. All of these successful objectives reflected on the product’s sales, which boomed after these successful milestones.


Time is never a constraint, we were able to show our utmost success in a period of 3 months. From an expensive product of minimal sales that people knew almost nothing of. To a product of professional identity, a suitable fan base and much higher sales than how it started. Never underestimate the power of a team and its quick actions!


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