Leogami’s Medical Website Renovation with Pharmamart

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A complete website renovation project for Leogami. Pharmamart is a notable company that works in the field of manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing of branded generics, wound healing, medicated cosmetics and food supplements. We were able to change their site from a basic website that was missing information when compared to international standards. They needed a professional medical website that looked fresh and modern to mirror the idea of their business. And that’s what we did! Here are a number of challenges we’ve faced and how we were able to overcome them.



  1. Pharmamart had a slightly old-fashioned website. The website was based on outdated technology that needed development. They only had 4 pages running on their sitemap with very minimal information presented on the nature of the company.
  2. The products were not found on the website at all
  3. They needed proper content segmentation in the website.  The content needed to be updated as well.
  4. People weren’t able to find Pharmamart’s locations and the products available.
  5. Finally, the visuals presented on the website needed to be updated, because the website may reflect minimal brand identity for people to visually absorb.

Leogami Pharmamart Medical Website

Leogami’s Objectives

We supported the categorization of their products digitally because we were able to present their products in an organized manner. This created a clear platform for the consumer to see the diverse products offered depending on the product categorization through technology.

The overall content was created from scratch to match the professional representation. We created content segmentation and added minor information on each product with a simplified manner to be easily understood.

Our team created a sitemap to reflect the professional brand and to organize the categories of the products with their information.

We completely changed their website layout to be responsive in order to adapt its design with all devices. With a professional brand identity, our overall visual direction was a modern, minimal design that reflects professionalism and the nature of the business. We used top-notch technology to establish the new medical website on. We also used the brand guidelines that Pharmamart already had and added the minor details to match the current trends in the global pharmaceutical industry, sticking to the international standards as we always do in our websites projects.

Finally, our graphic design department wanted to establish a simple visualization to create a final, professional look. So we arranged a photoshoot to include pictures of the management and the company on the website to create a final professional touch. For the product categorization, we presented each product on the website with a real picture. So that people knew what to find and where to find it as well.


In Conclusion

The journey of this medical website was completely renovated. From the very bottom to the very top. We were able to not only establish a professionally made medical website. But also able to completely change the content presented as well as the brand’s visual representation. We’re proud to be behind the establishment of such a website!


Check out their medical website here: http://www.pharmamartgroup.com/

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