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‘Top ten’ articles that rank almost anything are catchy and sometimes they’re beneficial. But they’re only beneficial when the writer’s criteria is similar to your criteria. This won’t be your typical list of top 10 digital marketing agencies. However, we’ll show you how YOU can decide what the top 10 digital marketing agencies are in your opinion, based on YOUR criteria.

Who decides the top and the bottom choices of a list?

The answer is YOU! The issue is that people assume whatever is on a list of ‘top ten’ or “10 best..” is a universal list that they think must be abided by. But that’s totally wrong and this is why we decided to come up with this article, to avoid typical listings. Because the best list you can find is a list you create with your very own detailed criteria depending on what you prioritize. In digital marketing agencies, you can’t generally specify a certain agency as the best or the worst. An agency can offer a unique selling point for a client that won’t be important for another client!

As a business seeking marketing solution, you must know what to correctly prioritize and what not. An agency that deals with big names does not necessarily show that it’s the greatest agency out there, it might not be suitable for the nature of your business. That’s why you may want to start concentrating on the quality output rather than whether this agency is widely-known or not.

Quality > Quantity is a common ideology. But how can it be applied in choosing the agency? Here’s how; understanding what you want to get in your marketing solution. How this agency will help you get it. We must emphasize on quality being much a more important aspect than quantity because this is how we constantly develop in Leogami!


Criteria for Choosing an Agency!

To know which agency will suit you, you’ll need to know what exactly is your project, mission and goals. After intense research, we reached a diverse range of criterias that brands usually think of when choosing an agency. We advise you to read this section whilst looking at the info-graphic below to fully understand and decide your criteria.

The Beginning – Before the Bridge

The first thought that comes to your mind when you want to choose an agency are probably one of three directions:

  1. Am I price sensitive at the moment, do I have a strict budget to abide by?

At this direction, unfortunately you have limited a life-changing level of quality but that doesn’t mean the quality will be under the average level. This just means that you must do higher extensive research than the norm because you can reach a good level of quality execution with a moderate price. Which will depend on the next step ‘After the 1st Bridge’.  

  1.  Am I seeking the best quality?

Here you want a life-changing experience with the agency to renovate the digital marketing era for the brand. So what might matter the most to you after quality is the internal quality as well.

  1. Am I looking for a big-logos portfolio?

Regardless of quality and price, you may want an agency that works for big and known logos. We don’t recommend this approach because this criteria can be very misleading.

The Middle – After the 1st Bridge

If you’re done with the step above of ‘before the bridge’, we recommend that you start digging deeper into the criteria. We believe this might be a set of diverse criteria that some will choose from:

  1. Fast response agency  – will they be available to constantly provide updates and changes?
  2. Hospitality – Do they take their clients with goodwill and comfort?
  3. Friendly Environment – Are they strictly formal or is their community friendly to work with?
  4. Briefing vs. Accuracy – Is there almost 100% similarity between the brief discussed and the work executed?
  5. Competent Personnel – Are the marketeers in the agency competent enough to execute the output desired?
  6. Power of Account Management – Will they be able to handle last-minute issues and problems?

The End – BEST DEAL!

Finally, after this journey of choices and priorities, you reach your optimum criteria choices and probably a small pool of agencies that you’ll want to work with. What we encourage your final solution would be is the best deal: Price vs. Quality. We believe this is the smartest and most efficient deal that will lead to long term results. This is what the ultimate success will look like for your company.


Here in Leogami, we believe in results-driven commitment. We like to focus on valuable marketing objectives and actions that can be easily applied on in the future. Basically, creating a proper base for the future even if we stop working with that client at some point. So that it’s easy to maintain the basis. We won’t tell you what the ‘top marketing agencies are’ but we’ll tell you how to find the best agency to suit you, because that’s who we are!


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