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It wasn’t just a lack in the market, it was a misunderstanding concept of being a marketer, digital marketer or an agency using the marketing arms to drive it’s appearance to the biggest pool which is SPORTS!

Did you ever hear about sports marketing? Of course you didn’t but it might give you a spotlight on the logos on football players t-shirts, Formula 1 sponsored cars.

LaLiga Business School in cooperation with ESLSCA Business School decided to give the Egyptian market the opportunity to revel marketing creativity with Sports Marketing Arm in a professional way or approach.

Leogami took the step to be a part of the revolution by implementing the Digital Marketing campaign for this course as it would be a new opportunity for the Leos too, and we are going to present how we managed the digital campaign for it:  

LaLiga & ESLSCA Sports Marketing Course was the first in Egypt, Leogami began it’s digital campaign from scratch with following a very comprehensive strategy, starting from awareness about the course, instractours, agenda and objectives. Even with the communication consulting with the registerers.

Leogami used facebook & instagram for awareness and delivering the course core messages to the targeted audience, in order to complete our strategy in the right way we have created modern, creative landing page to make it easy for the audience to register for the course.

Sports Marketing Course Design Samples:

Check the project in our portfolio: Click Here

Then we went into the communication with the audience by email marketing campaigns to direct them on how to complete their registration and the benefits of the course.

Sports Marketing Course Landing Page: Click Here

Our work didn’t stop here, we have created a video campaign interviewing the Egyptian sports marketing entrepreneurs to attract audience and explain to them how to turn your sports passion into a business and career.

As we planned we have reached the campaign objectives, the registered qualified leads turned into course attendance.

This project was a great model on how to use the full digital marketing tools to reach your business objectives, from social media marketing to a website going into email marketing, we covered almost everything under the digital umbrella also we didn’t forget the media and video campaigns.

Check the project in our portfolio: Click Here

It was a great honor working with ESLSCA and LaLiga teams!, We loved them as much as they loved us.

We are very serious about sports marketing business as we believe there are very few professionals in this field in Egypt and we find a great opportunity in this business that’s why our Co-Founder and GM attended the course as participant to transfer the knowledge and know-how to all Leogami marketing team, we learned a lot about Laliga business over the past 10 years and how it turned to be number 1 league in the world, also the sports sponsorship topic and technicality are very interesting to us.

We believe that Leogami as digital marketing agency has a great opportunity in the sports marketing business and we are planning to start it immediately as we are now certified from Laliga business school after attending this course and we are ready to implement what we have learned into the Egyptian market.

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