Social Media Trends Changed Our Life in 2017

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Social Media Trends Changed Our Life in 2017

Whenever you are sitting and having nothing to do; at work and feeling bored, the first thing that pops into your mind is checking your social media accounts, social media has invaded the world in the last years, and it’s considered one of the biggest digital industries. Social media popularity and updates is firing up as a nonstop rocket.


Old thoughts that social media is a matter of concern for young generation has faded away, and now social media is part of everyone’s life across various generations and interests, that it started to be used as a marketing tool. Let’s introduce the five breaking trends that have pervaded our life in 2017.


Filters on Social Media

Do you know those weird faces and crazy filters? This is the new trend that was launched by a little yellow app with an adorable ghost graphic character called Snapchat. When it comes to Snapchat, you can’t deny the influence it has on social media. Filters trend didn’t stop its way here, it completed to other social media platforms as Instagram and Facebook, that forces users to engage in a funny and interactive way. The effect of filters exceeded all the expectations as it helped in forming a sense of community when people around the world use the same filters.


Short Video Stories and Expiring Content

What about sharing special moments with your friends by short videos? Short video stories are one of the new trends on social media. They are distinctive because of the period that it lasts, only 24 hours from the initial posting time. Accordingly, the content becomes highly relevant to what we are currently living, for an example when you find that your friend’s story is showing that it’s raining and you can also see it from your window. This relevance creates a sense of urgency for users to check in periodically, so as not to miss any stories during their “live period.”


Many people started using it not only on friendly and family basis, some people started using it as part of their business, as influencers, well known restaurants and chefs attracting people to their delicious meals in addition of showing audience recipe steps in real time. The trend did not only attract restaurants and chefs but also makeup bloggers, so if you are obsessed with makeup and its tutorials then for sure you have watched live videos showing; how to create a particular makeup look in a few steps broken down into video stories.


Live Video Streams

Let’s move to another new  trend that is highly used by reporters or organizations, which is live video streams that increase engagement in a relevant and unfiltered way. Live video streams are the best path to give access for followers to an event they are taking part of. Similar to video stories, live video streams are also becoming increasingly popular.


Public Personalities have a different way in order to offer their content and attract more and more audience providing them with the highest benefit, Q&As proved its succession when used by public personalities as followers get to comment and ask questions live on the stream and see them answered by the person in real time. These videos are a great way to create a sense of community between viewers and the person streaming the video.


Social Messaging

Chatbots, have you heard this word before! what it can be referring to? Simply they are artificial intelligence systems that the user interacts with via text or via Facebook Messenger as an extension of social messaging apps.


Businesses started to integrate Chatbots into their setup, looking forward to improve customer service by making the perfect combination between the ease of social messaging with the support of website technicians, in order to obtain information easily.

Nordstrom a notorious retailer was able to cleverly use social media he seized the holiday season as an opportunity to launch its chatbots, the team used Chatbots not only to interact with audience but also to provide them with gift recommendations for their loved ones.

What about moving an extra mile in Chatbot trend and making it more personalized? At the end of 2017, Chatbot companies are looking forward to launch more nuanced decision-making drop-down options.


Augmented Reality

Now we come to the most exciting trend, in February a new thrilling technology was released. Augmented reality is the most exciting trend on social media used by Pinterest, “Pinterest Lens” an image recognition technology which enables users to take photos of objects in the real world, and Pinterest helps users to find matches. As long as this technology keeps developing marketers will reach extraordinary results, it will give them the correct tools to reach their market in a variety of unconventional ways.


Augmented Reality made all brands to think out of the box and to offer their products in a creative way. For instance, designer Rebecca Minkoff created an app that allows users to try on clothes virtually, and makeup giant Sephora debuted its Modiface mirrors that allow customers to test makeup.

Augmented reality and virtual reality technology won’t stop here it will continue to grow, become more common and will be seen in many of the applications we use daily.

Leogami thinks that as well as technology keeps developing, social media will also develop and evolve especially that companies are always eager and expecting more and more releases. Marketing and especially social media marketing will be greatly affected by the new jumps in technology. These trends will keep morphing into more complex ones, which is why it’s so vital to keep up with the pace.

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