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Like when crafting any blog-style content online, there are some basic dos and don’ts to follow. There has been many an article going into great detail on the subject, but in case your time is short, I shall summaries the main points here:

  • A killer headline – This is what will draw people into your article, so make sure that it’s good.
  • Use sub-headings– These will break up your text and make the whole article more digestible.
  • Use white space– Large blocks of text are intimidating for today’s attention fickle audiences. Keep paragraphs to a six or seven line maximum to leverage this and keep your readership reading.
  • Be consistent– Publishing consistently is more important that publishing a lot. You want to be posting new content regularly (at least once or twice a week), but you really want your audience to be able to reliably predict when to expect new material from you.
  • Hyperlink– Use lots of links to other content that offers evidence to support the claims that you are making – especially when stating facts/statistics. Today’s internet users are fairly savvy to the idea of evidence (despite the impression that all of those hoaxes and scams going around Facebook may give), so make it easy for them to fact-check your work. Whenever possible, link internally to other articles on your own blog – after all, you don’t want people to leave your site/page unless absolutely necessary.
  • Use images– Visual stimuli are very appealing to the average user. Make sure to include a couple of images at least to illustrate your article and give the reader something to break up the text. Be wary of copyright infringement however. Don’t just download any old picture from Google Images – instead use one of the many sources for great, free and royalty-free pictures.







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