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Shoppable feature on social media

Online businesses were always asking about a feature that makes the buying process easier and faster for their shoppers, and in 2019, Instagram launched this type of post that is called shoppable social media post. This feature was launched as a method that brands use to promote products through Instagram in the ‘shop’ section of the app.

Shoppers now do not need to leave any page to go buy a product that they like, they can now buy it from the same page they are searching on, through just one click. The main aim of such feature is to decrease the steps needed to buy a product online and make it only through one step. This feature does not specifically need to be used by big brands, it can be used by anyone that sell products online, mainly through social media. 

The shoppable feature is available in the USA and other few countries in Europe, however, it’s not available in Egypt yet.

How to use it?

When the brand tags a product,  a shopping bag icon will appear which means that there are shoppable items in the post. The shopper then clicks on these products and buys them in Instagram Checkout without leaving the platform.

We believe that this feature is really beneficial, and made the user experience on Instagram for shopping really fun and interesting, it will definitely encourage people to use the online shopping. Moreover, it definitely affected online businesses positively and increased their sales, especially for businesses that depend mainly on selling online through social media platforms. We hope that this feature becomes available in Egypt as soon as possible, it will make a huge difference in the online shopping in the Egyptian market.

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