Share your experience or Learn from expertise with Facebook Groups Mentorship.

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Facebook groups are hitting faster than Facebook pages with Facebook Groups Mentorship, if you are starting a new private business, or providing a training service, then Facebook new feature is going to impress you and help your business grow fast.

Couple of days ago Facebook announced about the new Mentorship feature to help supportive communities, then if you are an expert and you want to spread your experience around the community, then this feature is for you.


If you are a professional photographer and you want to spread your photography experience across your fans who get inspiration from your work.

You can start a photography program or course including a list of chapters or sessions.


Here’s how Facebook Groups Mentorship works:

  1. Group admins create a mentorship program. Admins can choose from a variety of template programs, such as career advancement, skill development, or encouragement and support, and select the one that best fits their community’s needs.
  2. People sign up and are matched with their mentor/ mentee: Group members can sign up to be a mentor or a mentee, then the group admin will pair people together.
  3. Pairs are introduced. Pairs can get to know each other and work through program steps in their one-on-one mentorship program on Facebook. They can share and comment on posts or communicate through Messenger.
  4. Mentors and mentees get step-by-step guidance. The pairs progress through a guided program that encourages them to check in with each other weekly.

If you feel worried about your privacy, facebook has mentioned that communications between a mentor and mentee is visible only to the pair, so all commintuations are secured.

Leogami thinks that Facebook is trying to give groups some power to increase its usage and give people another tool to build private communities. We all remember “Work Groups” that create a private space to manage information,discuss projects and securely share documents with colleagues or clients, it will be very useful if Facebook Mentorship program is added to Work Groups to give employees trainings and courses in an easy way.

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