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LaLiga Sports Marketing Course

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LaLiga Sports Marketing Course

ESLSCA Business School was a pioneer in introducing the concept of Sports Marketing to the Egyptian market, cooperating with LaLiga Business School, they introduced the first run of the Sports Marketing course in Egypt in March 2019. Leogami team was honoured to be part of this career evolution by managing the digital marketing campaigns through Facebook and Instagram to raise awareness to the target audience about the course.

Since the target segment of this course are highly unique and different, we followed a specific strategy to reach them accurately, by creating a lead generation campaign that was posted on social media on a daily basis in order to get the accurate leads that are interested in the course. The next step was the Email marketing campaign used to follow up with the leads to direct them on how to complete their registration and the benefits of the course. In addition, we included interesting content weekly with designs matching LaLiga international standards and branding to introduce the course content to the audience as well as serve as clarification to the concept of sports marketing and how it will affect people’s careers. These designs got a very positive feedback from LaLiga team. The outcome of the first run of the course was above our expectations, as we met our objective and the registered qualified leads turned into course attendances.

As a marketing agency that seeks to integrate the digital marketing tools for an optimum result, this was applied in the digital marketing campaigns of the Sports Marketing course by covering social media marketing, website and email marketing which led us to meet our objective. Due to the success of the previous run for the course, we are currently working on the second run of the course that will be held on October 2019, that we believe will be as successful as the first run. 

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