Our Story with Planny’s Challenge: A Home Ovulation Test

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The next brand in line for our medical series is Planny ovulation test. An account under DKT international like Fiesta but a slightly different type. Our journey with Planny started after our success journey with Fiesta. This product helps women know their ovulation timings and the most suitable time for women to become pregnant.

It’s  totally different and the brand’s targets were also different from the other accounts. This was the first ever appearance for Planny in the digital platforms! We took it step by step to raise awareness to let people know what the product is and drive sales action from potential customers. Here’s the challenges we faced with Planny and our approach towards them.



1. Product Position in the Market


  • Its ’s Resemblance to Pregnancy Tests

The first challenge we faced was how similar Planny’s ovulation test may have looked to regular pregnancy tests. People assumed it was just another pregnancy test product. Especially since products related to ovulation testing were not widely known in the Egyptian market. It’s way of usage was also exactly the same as pregnancy tests, which made the challenge even trickier.


  • Unavailability

The product was hard to find in the pharmacies so even if people did understand it and look for it, they wouldn’t find it easily.


  1. Consumer Behavior

Because of the culture and the Egyptian community, women were scared to walk into the pharmacy and buy such a product. Especially since the target audience of this product wasn’t specific at all. Women of age groups above 21 and in any social classes could use it. Those from rural areas were keen on trying out the product but they didn’t want anyone to know from their community. Which might have been hard for Planny to be reachable.


  1. Consumer Behavior: Limited Consumer Knowledge

This was the most challenging out of them all because people didn’t have any knowledge related to women’s body or the ovulation process. There was also false information regarding this topic within the community that we had to fix their misconceptions first then build knowledge on the product background and the ovulation process.


Leogami’s Approach

This client needed actual studying from our team to understand not only how the product works, but a strong background on the topic of ovulation and the women’s body as well.

Brand Awareness

We began our social media journey for Planny with a general awareness of the topic itself before tackling the product. Campaigns related to women’s body cycle and calculating her ovulation schedule to know when exactly she can use Planny’s product. We used a feminine tone of voice that gave a comfortable-motherly vibe as well as simple feminine designs.

Our audience was strictly women so we had to create the best strategy to grab every woman’s attention. We also wanted women that are in rural areas to benefit from our page because a lot of them weren’t educated in this topic.


Changing Mindsets

Our team started to explain what the product actually solves, how it could be beneficial and how convenient it is. We did this through simple explanations of how it is normal for pregnancy to take time. Especially if they were newlyweds. Then how the product would help a woman in knowing the best time to get pregnant in.

Finally, we explained convenience in terms of its inexpensive price and its availability in pharmacies. We wanted to provide as much information as possible on where the product could be found. To encourage women that may want to purchase it.



We began with a website for Planny for people to know all the information on the product, its usage and when exactly it should be used. We also provided all the information on the pharmacies that have Planny.

One of the best initiatives we’ve made was the online calculator on http://plannyegypt.com/ which can let you know when exactly to use Planny when you insert your period cycle. It was a huge solution for couples and the response we got on it was huge. The success we obtained from this initiative was a drive to begin the idea of putting Planny on the E-Commerce path!

Our team saw a huge opportunity in the E-Commerce regarding Planny. We decided to start an online shop on the website and we did have orders. However it wasn’t as successful as any other online shop. We created offer bundles and campaigns to drive sales. This online shop let us discover an important sector that wanted Planny’s products. And these were doctors! It was a good opportunity to create campaigns directly targeting doctors and pharmacy. So we took it to the next level and created video campaigns!

Leogami Planny Ovulation Calculator

Video Campaigns

Another successful milestone was an awareness video on the product and it reached more than 500K viewers! We continued with video campaigns and created a campaign towards doctors only. We created this campaign to show doctors that they can advice couples seeking pregnancy that there was an easy way for them to know when exactly they can get pregnant. This campaign helped us reached pharmacies as well that well-known pharmacies ordered the products to be sold there!



We’re glad to have worked with a unique account. We were able to get creative in so many ways and play the doctors’ role digitally which was a slight challenge for us. However, with very diverse research on this topic we were able to obtain a great amount of knowledge that was very beneficial for women all over Egypt.

Stay tuned for the rest of our medical journey, our next client was the hardest of them all!

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