Leogami’s Tour in the Medical Field

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Leogami in the Medical Field DKT Planny Fiesta Amer Stratamark Pharmamart Contraplan Amer


Here in Leogami, we believe in experience, but we also trust much more in competence. Our team members were not doctors, but with a deep research in the medical industry; we reached the professionalism and the learning curve needed.

We are challengers, not doctors, and this is why we were able to understand everything related to all the medical accounts we’ve dealt with our marketing and research experience. Our team reached a deep understanding to the accounts before them. We worked on the contraceptive methods, stretch-marks products as well as pharmacies. Here’s Leogami’s journey in the medical field with well-known brands for the past few years.

DKT Egypt

DKT is an international brand that strives to satisfy the different contraceptive needs, IUD’s, Condoms, Morning After Pills and on the other hand, ovulation tests. We created a professional medical website for DKT Egypt that has all their products and its information. Their website is now used as a prominent and informative reference for all their products worldwide.

Website Link: http://dkteg.com

Contraplan II

An emergency contraceptive pills company under DKT’s international brand and this was one of the trickiest accounts we’ve dealt with. Because the Egyptian society rejects the idea of contraceptives. However, we were able to succeed by changing certain theories towards this topic. We started with their social media presence from the very beginning. The brand on social media became widely known as the first morning after pills in Egypt. We were responsible for not only ContraplanII’s website. But also responsible for the kick-off phase on their social media platforms as well as creating Contraplan’s brand identity digitally.

Our main focuses during the first phase was on dependability and freedom, which was the main focus on their website execution and digital marketing campaign.

Website Link: http://contraplanii.com/

Behance Link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/54968761/ContraplanII-ECP


A slightly sensitive yet a mixture of fun and challenging account, this was another challenge that we took. Fiesta is a high-quality condoms and lubricants brand and one of the brands under DKT international. They wanted a professionally made website as well as a suitable social media presence. We took the challenge and proved ourselves! We created brand awareness, interesting content and funny content to attract more audience so they can drive more engagement.

Thankfully, we were able to have high reach in just one month. We then created the first online shop for condoms in Egypt, which was a unique selling point Fiesta started to have.

Website Link: http://fiestaegypt.com/  

Behance Link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/30980379/Fiesta-Egypt 


On the other side, DKT started a product called Planny. A completely different product than the rest. An ovulation test targeting women who are seeking pregnancy, which helps in knowing the suitable time for pregnancy to occur. We began with social media awareness on the brand. Then moved onto the next phase which was interesting content to drive engagement.

Leogami then executed a website for Planny. Their website was providing full information about the ovulation, also used as an E-shop for women to be able to purchase the product online and it was the first website in Egypt to offer this service digitally.  

Website Link:  http://plannyegypt.com/

Behance Link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/42185529/Planny-ovulation-test


Stratamark is a novel medical product designed and clinically proven for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks. Since it was the first product to treat stretch marks in Egypt, it was both a challenge and an opportunity to raise awareness about the brand. We created a 3-month campaign that focused on creating a strategy. This strategy was able to raise awareness on the nature of the brand as well as its conditions, locations and cautions.

Behance Link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/42186477/Stratamark


A well-known company that operates in the field of manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing of branded generics, wound healing, medicated cosmetics and food supplements. We changed their whole website from a simple website that was missing important information. To a professional website that looked fresh and clean to reflect the nature of their business.

We let their unique selling points stand out. We also made sure that all the important aspects related to the brand were mentioned clearly.

Website Link: http://pharmamartgroup.com/

Aman Campaign

A different style than the rest, Aman was a Non-Profit Organization (NGO) campaign affiliated by DKT Egypt. Their idea was to increase awareness on family planning to reach a certain goal. One of the objectives from this campaign was to create awareness about the available contraceptive methods.  How to use it, and to be the best method for every woman. They wanted to reach a certain target audience as well and become the platform for knowledge regarding this issue. Leogami created a unique social media strategy that was suitable for their goals. We concentrated on creating catchy designs as well as content that drove engagement.

Behance Link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/71770091/Aman-Campaign-Social-Media-Designs

Amer Pharmacies

Our cherry on top, Amer Pharmacies! Amer Pharmacies is a chain of pharmacies across Cairo. They were on the look-out for an agency that provided unique digital marketing services for their social media platform. We conducted a market research to understand the industry and its audience. Thankfully, we were able to reach the right audience with rich content. We reached a distinctive digital presence that stood out in the pool of competitors Amer had, and still has.

Behance Link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/64580889/Amer-Pharmacies-Social-Media-Designs

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Amer.Pharmacies/


It is of great pleasure to be one of the key reasons of success digitally for each of the brands above, whether it was in a form of website or a social media presence. We’re looking forward for our Medical field to expand even more, for us, this is just the beginning.

Stay tuned to read about each brand and its story with us in details! Check the newest blogs here

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