Crevette from awareness juncture to the top 10 sushi restaurants – Case Study

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Lower Cost Per Post Engagement


Page Impression


Page Reach


Leogami Challenges

  • Lower level of Reservations and walk ins
  • Low engagement rate on the page
  • Poor content and designs
  • Strategy not clear
  • Low review rating


  1. Reservations increase
  2. Brand positioning/ brand awareness
  3. Expansion
  4. Improve Designs

Leogami team made a digital research by a condensed study on all competitors and international brands. We worked on a smart digital strategy that will assist in rapidly overcoming all the obstacles faced by Crevette.
Crevette journey with Leogami that started in 2016  is divided into four main milestones.

Leogami always has special recipe to get out the tasty cake for each industry

Leogami Team

First Milestone ( The Kickoff ) (The Order)

Since day one when Leogami started the journey on Crevette’s digital marketing, Leogami was very clear and transparent with the customer about the results, it will not be very noticeable in phase one. Leogami began with improving the posts designs, aligned with the digital department learning curve and research, also we concentrated on the fans comments and reviews to deliver the social media full image to Crevette Management.


Second Milestone ( Page Targeting ) (The Recipe)

After the Kickoff phase, we started to work on Facebook ads with accurate geographic, demographic and psychographic targeting, so for example geographically as a start up, we targeted citizens in nearby areas. With the limited budget provided  from the customer, the digital community team figured a way to distribute the budget in order to achieve the phase objectives, Leogami team divided the budget on 3 main campaigns:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Page fan base
  3. Posts reach and engagement



Third Milestone (Reach and Engagement) (The Cooking)

Consequently, we started to reach a wide base of customers with high engagement rates asking about the location of the restaurant and available offers. Leogami was keen on building a positive relationship between Crevette and its audiences, accordingly we were always responding fast and in a friendly and sometimes funny way to attract more customers reflecting Crevette friendly culture. As a result, Crevette had a wide base of loyal customers that visit Crevette on regular basis.

Subsequently, with the continuous measurements and tracking the insights we noticed that we have a lot of customers base visiting Crevette from other areas. So we started to adjust the social media strategy upon the insights.


Fourth Milestone (Results) (The Cake)

Crevette now is a well known restaurant for sushi and French Cuisine, as a result they had full reservations. Leogami noticed the huge fan base from 5th Settlement and Maadi, during the monthly strategic meeting between Leogami and Crevette teams, we informed Crevette Management the statistics and insights.


The New Branch (New Era)  (New Order)

Finally, after working on each milestone, Crevette took the decision of opening the new branch in 5th Settlement, due to the trust between Crevette and Leogami, Crevette gave Leogami team the new challenge and we worked on a smart digital strategy as well as targeting audience in the new area for a new cake.

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