The Leo Story


Leogami is a Digital Marketing Agency located in Cairo, Egypt since 2014. Providing complete digital marketing solutions through linking all digital tools and products together, we provide all important & essential statistics related to each product; so our customers can see the achieved progress.
We believe that brands become more human when they’re accessible, social and emotional.
Bringing together creative, strategy and development, we deliver effective digital brand strategies, identities and platforms.

Our brand

Leo comes from the Lion. The lion personality has the unmistakable presence of nobility that represent our first value Integrity.
Gami comes from the word Origami it’s a Japanese word Ori means folding and gami means paper, it is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, transforming a flat sheet of paper to many artistic shapes.
It started in the 17th century and developed nowadays into a form of a creative art, and that represents our second value Creativity.

How we work  

At Leogami, we always start with your why to define what your brand needs and how to achieve this to excel in the digital world national or international. By taking a top-down approach, we create your digital strategic branding positioning and develop it.
The results? Digital marketing assets that optimise your sales funnel and effectively strengthen your brand image.
We will help you succeed, it’s as simple as that!

We are everything you would expect from a digital agency:
performance-driven and ROI-focused with out-of-the-box creative ideas. Period!

Leogami Team

At Leogami we celebrate diversity, personality and family. Everyone is involved, everyone is equally important. It’s this lack of ego that sets us apart from other agencies.
We realised early on we could create something really special. We celebrate talent, so that’s why we combine a great and fun place to work with the opportunity to try out new ideas every day. We’re always innovating and improving – for ourselves and our clients.
Leogami is also a great place to grow and develop. Whether you join as an intern or as one of our marketing experts, we want you to be the best that you can be and you will be in our family.

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