Kuwait’s Greatest Protein Bar, Kinetica – A Case Study

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Before jumping into the case study, lets first know who’s this case study star and what was the nature of their business from the beginning. Kinetica protein bar is a worldwide protein snack brand that offers high-quality protein in them. So instead of constantly eating unhealthy snacks, it substitutes them with a healthy alternative that won’t have a bad effect on your diet. It comes in a few flavors and it caters many audiences!

Leogami’s Starting Point with Kinetica

Kinetica was introduced to Kuwait under the representative company ‘The White Beard’. Leogami’s journey with Kinetica began a little less than a year ago, at around January 2017. We faced a number of challenges with Kinetica in Kuwait digitally. However, with relevant strategies and solution, we were able to overcome each of them! Here’s a then-and-now layout of how it was (our challenges) and how it is now (points of improvements):

Back Then – Our Challenges

  1. A Large Pool of Competitors

Protein bars are very common in Kuwait and competitors were a lot. Especially since the market for such a product was not small.

  1. Poor Content Designs

Presenting the brand professionally on a digital level that is also within its brand image was an aspect that Kinetica was lacking in the beginning. An important aspect that may not be widely understood is the importance of content design.

  1. Not Using the Brand’s Unique Selling Point – No Strategy

We saw a strong unique selling point in Kinetica, however, we did not see it being used at all. The idea of standing out from a big pool of competitors is using the brand’s strong unique selling point. Here’s when Leogami starts making drastic changes.

  1. Low Engagement – Reach – Sales

Digitally, there was almost no engagement at all on the client’s social media page. The reach was also very low because there weren’t many followers. What was happening digitally was reflecting on the sales so we decided to create some change.

No engagement, no reach – no sales.

Kinetica Case Study Diagram Leogami Protein Bars Kuwait

Now – Points of Improvement and Success!

We solved the problems above and organized it into 4 different success points: 

1. Well Structured Strategy

Designs and content must be supported by a well-structured strategy to cater the objectives needed in each phase. We made sure to create awareness content within the first phase when the client wanted to raise awareness of the brand. Then when Kinetica started to become well-known in the community, we switched into another type of content. Which was a mix of direct sales, interesting content and relatable content.

2. Smart Usage of the Unique Selling Point

We played on 3 of Kinetica’s unique aspects: its non-artificial texture that gives a natural yet rich taste. It’s generous size. The different flavors they have; cookies & cream and brownies.  Its known multinational brand name is definitely a plus too. With all of this, we were able to prove how Kinetica can stand out from the market.

3. Professionally Designed Content

Now, the client’s account only has professionally designed content with the brand’s color palette to match the brand identity. We only executed designs that looked highly professional that could easily grab the potential customers’ attention. The picture below is an example of how Kinetica’s Instagram profile looked before and how it now looks with Leogami.  

4. Relatable Content

We created content that was relatable to the Kuwaiti audience. The client wanted to see engaged users, so we started to implement fun content and games to get the users intrigued. We celebrated all Kuwaiti national holidays on the page. The famous landmarks in Kuwait was used in certain campaigns to market for Kinetica too. All of this is then mirrored to Kinetica’s sales!

Leogami - Kinetica's Evolution on Instagram Kuwait


In Conclusion

It may have been a challenge for us to create content that has a different Arabic dialect that we’re used to here in Egypt. However, we believed in the brand and its objectives. We set goals and deadlines, and it was reached with an even better result! We believe that there is truly a HUGE effect on how the digital appearance affects the brand’s sales, this is why we stick to fixing the challenges we had with the solutions presented above.

One should never underestimate how much a brand should be involved in the digital market, because nowadays, it’s sometimes the only key to brand success. Leogami is proud to represent the marketing of this brand and we only strive for more.



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