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Is the world changing in a hidden mode? The world is moving faster than before? Or the technology is changing the world We found something distinctive Is Kodak trying to shift from camera and photography equipments production to a new production line?
If you are following the CES 2018 for photography companies, then you have to know this breaking news: the cameras spotted a new product in Kodak display showcase called “Kodak  The KashMiner”, when you hear this word do you remember something? Yeah Yeah BitCoins 😉
Kodak is officially announcing about that new device called the KashMiner for the Bitcoin diggers.

According to the Kodak licensee, an upfront payment of $3,400 for a two-year contract would lead to bitcoin production value of around $375 per month at current bitcoin value.

Based on numbers and statistics you can reach a half of the linceness profit numbers which is $9,000 of 24-month period.

By simple calculations Kodak KashMiner would give you 25$ per day on the Kodak Bitcoin HashPower Upfront Payment Plan.

The camera company’s “photo-centric” cryptocurrency is being launched under a licensing partnership with Wenn Digital, and will also involve a blockchain-backed image rights management platform called KodakOne.

In CES 2018, Wenn Digital CMO Bruce Elliott told to one of online blogs that Kodak and Wenn have had a team of 20 people working on the KodakCoin project for long time.

I know if you are Bitcoin digger, it would be okay for to use a one block machine to mine some coins, but i think if you dig bitcoins for living you might not like this, because we see you may have something like this beast.

However, lets shift from being a miner or not, and go deeper, if you are photographer, then you do photography for living or for some extra helpful money, that’s why Kodak decided to invest in a partnership with tech company, to provide

all photographers a digital coins “KodakCoin” to empower them.

Leogami team thinks that the world is changing so fast, during the last 30 years the world was changing from cash to the plastic cards, now its changing from plastic cards which is not spreaded enough in some countries and areas, now we have virtual money and more valuable than the one we are using Banknotes or plastic cards.

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