The New Instagram Shopping Feature: Success or Failure?

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Ever since Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg took over Instagram, and certain features between the two applications have collided. Stories, comment replies structure and finally now, the Instagram shopping feature. We think the Instagram shopping feature has a bigger audience than Facebook. Because it’s the number 1 platform for fashion influencers and bloggers.

This feature is presented through a simple shopping bag sticker by a brand or an influencer to know more details about the promoted item and even its price! According to Instagram, more than 90 million users have tapped per month to check the tags in shopping posts.


Their updates didn’t stop here. In June 2018, Instagram introduced shopping through the stories of certain brands. They also added a ‘Shopping’ tab in the Explore section on Instagram. Which makes it much easier for users to find and literally shop for different products!


The updates shows a great expansion that the application is now focusing on, which is highlighting the shopping feature and making use of it. It’s almost like a similar strategy that has been applied on Facebook is being applied to Instagram. Specifically common in the shopping feature.

Leogami’s Opinion on Instagram Shopping!

We’ve partially tested out the shopping icon on the application. We think: It still needs more development and its availability in countries need to expand too (we need it in Egypt!). We think this path may lead to greater competitors in the market because it won’t be just a social media platform anymore!

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