Google Photos Chatting feature.

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Google Photos Chatting feature

Google is eventually knows that photographs in modern times are way of communication, as they are the shape of reminiscence collection. Now Google Photos is launching a new way of sharing photos you can share a photo without creating an entire album with a new feature called Google Photos Chatting feature. Furthermore, you can turn this picture into a group conversation between you and all the people in the picture as well as they can like and share the picture like any other application.

Pictures take up a lot of space in your mobile’s storage and you cannot delete your memories but now, Google added free online storage so you can back up all the pictures on your mobile on Google Photos App rather than on your mobile and save some storage.

Presently there are countless of application about taking and uploading pictures, but now  you can edit, upload, save, like and share with the same picture quality and have a group chat, all with Google Photos App and the new Google Photos Chatting feature.

We believe that digital transformation is taking place in our daily lives now, since one of the main goals for the new digital era is to create safe and secure internet, so Google is focusing on securing our photos and save it forever. If you lost your phone or it got damaged, do not worry anymore as you will find your photos securely saved online

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