Google Duo is now integrated with your phone.

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If you are an android user constantly using video calls, we think you have used Google Duo application before (The replacement of Google Hangouts). On the other hand, if you are an Iphone user, it’s the contender for Iphone FaceTime.

Our team couple of hours ago spotted the update made by Google, in which you can make video calls from Android devices without installing any app, that means if you received a video call with Google Duo answer it and don’t worry it isn’t a ghost who installed the app, but google integrated the app.

Also nothing is clear now about who will receive the update or what is the future of it.

Technically, there is something called App Preview Messaging working through Google Play Service, that will help you to get in touch with your friends without installing any specific application.

On the other side, in app features you can block any user from reaching you on Google Duo, so no unwanted calls.

Rolling back to Google Duo Application main features, it has a very interesting feature which is the Knock Knock, that you can see the caller before answering

We think that Google is integrating Google Duo and maybe Google Allo, in order to give android users some distinctive features, like Iphone FaceTime, and we will see if the next update is going to be a hit for iphone or just value added feature.

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