Gmail “Forward as attachment” feature

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Gmail is making it easier to send an email, with the newest Gmail “Forward as attachment” feature. Now you can attach emails to others without downloading it. Simply, just drag and drop one or more emails and all are set in the Compose window. Additionally, from the conversation view, you can pick one or more emails and select “Forward as attachment” from the overflow (three-dot) menu button. Every email you attach will be a file when you send it to anyone, and you can write a summary about the content of the mail in the subject to make it easier for the reader to follow up with-it.We believe that there are situations where it makes more sense to forward emails with the attachment rather than sending separate emails, for example if you want to send multiple messages related to the same topic, If you attach an email, the whole view of your conversation will be covered and will make it much easier to pursue. Don’t miss Gmail “Forward as attachment” feature it’s launched and available until January 21.

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