How We Reshaped a Contraceptive Brand: Fiesta’s Development Story

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Fiesta is a high-quality condoms and lubricants brand and one of the brands under DKT international. A product that provided solutions through contraceptive methods with no side effects or any cause of pain like all other methods, whatsoever. A quite sensitive product but we were definitely up for the challenge.

Leogami faced a lot of challenges when we were first introduced to the brand. Most of it was because of the Egyptian community and its misconceptions. However, we were able to surpass them and even create new initiatives to drive success even more! Here are the challenges we faced and the objectives we reached with Fiesta condoms.


Challenge 1: Misconceptions

As we mentioned earlier, Fiesta was a highly sensitive product because of the products’ misusage, consumers did not understand the nature of the product too. There were many misconceptions that affected the way people viewed the brand. The first misconception was related to cultural and religious mindset. The price of Fiesta was cheaper than the other brands in the market which affect brand positioning, the third misconception was that people thought Fiesta’s contraceptive products had side effects.


Challenge 2: Incorrect Brand Positioning & Hard to Find

Even though it was a high-quality brand and was approved by the EU, however they were in a wrong position in the market. The brand did not previously use the fact that the product was of high quality in their brand positioning strategy. Or that it is a well established contraceptive product line that offered imported products approved by the EU.

Leogami wanted to make use of these important factors in the digital brand positioning in the market. So when we correctly position it digitally, it will reflect on its positioning in the offline market as well.

Our goal was to completely re-innovate the brand position and allow the product to be easily available to people and educate them about it.


Challenge 3: Customer Behavior

Another problem with the Egyptian community regarding this market was that a lot of people were shy and conservative to ask about the contraceptive products. The scenario of walking into a pharmacy to buy contraceptive products was scary to many specially condoms.

We noticed the great gap created because of this challenge. Our team had two different solutions to this problem. The first one is to change the community’s mindset. The second one is to give consumers a substitute instead of purchasing the product in the pharmacy. We decided to test both solutions.


Challenge 4: Illogical Target Audience

Many of the audience we found in the beginning on Fiesta’s social media pages were irrelevant audience to what Fiesta originally targeted. The engaging users were teenagers and more than %75 of the page fans were female. This reflected on the brand image and its position in the market as well as the sales volume.

Leogami’s Approach

We began with fun and attractive designing to the content executed digitally. We created a suitable tone of voice to match the nature of the product. Finally, a fixed content strategy with an editorial calendar working parallel to match the right target audience. We divided our approaches into several ones, depending on which problem we were solving in each phase.    

Changing Mindsets

We basically decided to change people’s mindsets. We let people know the idea behind their misconceptions in culture and religion. Our team created strong brand awareness campaign on how the product had no side effects whatsoever since it wasn’t a medical product. Leogami made it clear that the contraceptive product did not need any prescriptions.

We properly executed the product and its unique selling points to tackle the misconception of the brand seen as a product of moderate or low quality because of its inexpensive price.

So we presented Fiesta’s pros to drive brand loyalty. We presented its unique selling points like the diverse flavors they offer, and the key difference between Fiesta and the other competitors. Also, we tackled how the contraceptive product was inexpensive compared to the rest of the competitors.

We created a huge campaign in a fun yet teasing way about the situations you can use Fiesta condoms in and their feedback was massive! People engaged with the brand in a very fun way and they start asking about where they can find it! That was a huge milestone for our campaign objectives.

Slowly we were able to change how people perceive the brand. From a misunderstood point of view to a well-known established contraceptive brand that offered a number of products for every taste.


Brand Awareness & Positioning

Leogami’s team created awareness content that let people know the brand’s key objectives as well as the product availability in the market. Along with the unique selling point mentioned earlier, these points had a great impact on how the brand was seen later on.

The digital team put an awareness strategy in order to provide as much information about the product and how to find it, we even encouraged people to send us private messages for any inquiries as to overcome their shyness to engage and ask about the product. We made sure it was clear that the product had no side effects at all.

In terms of brand positioning, we completely altered it by presenting the product’s high quality and its inexpensive price compared to the competitors. We were able to properly position the brand between the competitors in the market as a high quality international brand that offered contraceptive solutions with no side effects also affordable price.

Our team worked on our first summer campaign using the related flavors to the summer season. We worked on a funny tone of voice that the consumers related to in their humor to enhance customer purchases. With successful online campaigns, we were able to reach our goals and create a successful turn for the brand. Which drove us to the next milestone!

Our major milestone after a successful digital presence was the offline activation road show. We created a major campaign, both online and offline that drove a great amount of brand awareness. We also distributed a lot of Fiesta’s products and giveaways. This was slightly away from our scope but we took the challenge to be the first in initiating a show like this. We managed it from the beginning of online announcements to the car branded Fiesta. We also handled the samples, flyers and we encouraged engagement with the audience which helped in creating a strong brand awareness.



We wanted to create an online presence beyond social media. To solve two major problems, that the product wasn’t easily found and that people did not know information on the brand or the contraceptive products. So we saw a great opportunity in the E-commerce.

Starting with baby steps; we established a professionally made website for Fiesta condoms with its global branding guidelines. The website had all information on the pharmacies that had Fiesta’s  products. As well as information on the brand and its products. It was successful for a brand new idea that hasn’t happened before in Egypt.


The Beginning of Fiesta’s Online Shop

We wanted to solve the issue of people being conservative or shy to buy the product in the pharmacy and we wanted the product to be available to as much people as possible. So we saw another great opportunity in the E-commerce. A major development to the website, an online shop! We established an online shop for Fiesta that offered all the products at special prices. The step was successful that we kept developing in the E-commerce sector and the website started offering delivery services. Consumers that live in Cairo and Giza now had the option of ordering the product right to their doorstep. We started with just a few orders and the rate of sales slowly started increasing.

The Development of Fiesta’s Online Shop

We began with Eid and summer campaigns that covered Fiesta’s social media and the website. We reached good results by having creative campaigns with summer tastes. The campaigns were reflected on the bundles offered on the online shop as well and this boosted the online presence of Fiesta.

With the tremendous requests of delivery all over the country and the great success that happened in the previous phases, we launched a major campaign to announce our expansion in delivering destinations that became all over Egypt. The campaign was under the name “Fiesta Beast” to tackle the manhood for the target customers which is men. Also we created online competitions and the winner won a full package of Fiesta’s condoms and lubricants.

Sales started out as a couple of purchases a week that was boosted to hundreds of orders weekly. The success of Fiesta’s online shop reached 10 times our original target! now appears in the first page of all the keywords related to the industry (Condoms in Egypt, Condoms brands in Egypt).


Accurate Target Audience

We were able to reach the right target audience when we guided our objectives to accurate ad sets for the correct age groups and interests. We began balancing the audience as it started out with 70% female followers. We started targeting males as the product was related to them much more. The target audience were couples that are looking for safe and easy contraceptive method that has no side effects.

This accuracy created the perfect brand positioning in the market that changed the brand image presented to the people. The identity of the brand completely altered.

Fiesta Development with Leogami contraceptive brand

What was very unique about this journey is that we started off with this brand as a pilot phase of 3 months only. But the plan took a drastic change to an extension of 2 whole years! We’re glad of how successful this brand is now. We’re proud of how our team was able to execute such a change in the brand’s identity.

The most important aspect in a brand’s success is what other people say about it and how it’s perceived. Thankfully, we were able to change what is said about Fiesta. From a misunderstood brand to a brand of high quality and diverse contraceptive products.

This was the second article in our medical series. Stay tuned to read about the other brands and their story with us in details!

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