Facebook’s New Data Center Will Be in Asia!

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Facebook creates their history again, but this time they’ll be building it on-ground! Facebook just announced that they’ll be expanding their data centers to one in Asia, specifically Singapore. It’s going to be the first custom-built data center in Asia. With an investment of 1.4 billion Singapore dollars which is equivalent to 1 billion US dollars. Their choice of expansion was to ensure proper connection between people. To help people discover what’s happening all over the world and to share their interests.

leogami facebook data center

Render of Facebook’s New Data Center in Asia

Why Singapore?

According to a Facebook’s blog post announcement, they believe Singapore has a talented local workforce, great community partners like Singapore Economic Development Board and Jurong Town Corporation. Policies by Singapore that made the business environment much easier and more friendly. These policies include measures supporting the enforcement of coming contracts and increase the ease of construction permitting. Especially since The World Bank just named Singapore as the best country in Asia to do business in!


Facebook is Going Green!

The data center has been designed to minimize the use of water, energy and land. They’re also adding a new ‘State-Point Liquid Cooling System’ that decreases the amount of water used and the power consumption as well. Surprisingly, Facebook’s testing showed that this can reduce the amount of peak water used by 20%! The data center is also going to be powered fully through renewable energy. Which is great for Singapore because they’re trying to increase the development of new solar resources in the country.

So they’re basically being sustainable in their building design and are adapting it in the process of their data center development.


We’ve observed and used Facebook since the beginning of its time! Ever since it was just a mean of connecting people only. Now, Facebook is also one of the greatest forms of business development, marketing and advertisements in diverse industries. Here in Leogami, we consider Facebook as an essential tool for many businesses. With businesses growing and Facebook developing like this expansion of opening a Data Center in Asia, we think there will be an even bigger room for new tools and a better form of Facebook! Even better than what we see now, because there’s always room for development no matter how much a platform has grown.  

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