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Do you think social media is a hack to your privacy? All your steps are tracked and can be seen by all people, your comments are visible to all people. Facebook is always trying to provide us with enough privacy and secure our accounts but is it enough? Facebook is now testing a new feature, will it positively or negatively affect our privacy? Its Facebook Private Comments


Facebook new feature is concerning our comments, you are no more thinking about your comments and stopping yourself from adding a comment because other people might see it. Once you click on the padlock it launches the security settings, offering to you four different options and you can choose whom exactly you want to see your comment: friends and post owner only, friends only, post owner and commenter only or everyone else.


Currently, it’s unclear if Facebook will adopt the tool for wide roll out or it’s just an experiment with no real potential of open release.

Leogami thinks that this would be a good step in increasing privacy and in helping you to comment on any topics especially controversial topic. It can be an ideal solution for things as when a group of friends are planning for a surprise party.

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