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Do you have your own business, then your optimal goal always is customers satisfaction and to be in continuous connection with them through Facebook Messenger Platform.

As technology increases and social platforms realize how effective and important they are, Social Platforms are constantly providing businesses with more tools that drive their businesses towards positive results. Messenger Platform is now looking forward to build experiences that facilitate connection with customers, in order to make it easier than ever to improve interactions and ultimately drive results.

So to all businesses Rejoice, now you can reach your customers in new and engaging ways, improve the quality of their unique messaging experiences.


Introducing Customer Chat Plugin

Do you like to extend Messenger experiences onto a business’s website. Cheer up now Messenger Platform is glad to announce the release of the Customer Chat Plugin in closed beta.

Customer chat plugin will really make it easier for businesses as well as customers, people can chat with businesses on their websites and in Messenger (across web, mobile or tablet) and transition back and forth easily without losing the conversation’s history and context. Accordingly customers can continue their conversations with businesses at the time and place that suits them.

Customer chat plugin was really keen to make Messenger web experience as incredible and full of features as Messenger and that’s the reason behind their support towards current platform capabilities such as payments, NLP, rich media and more. Messenger promises to add more and more features and enrich the experience as the Platform extends.

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Improved Messaging Experiences and Page Management

What about making image and video sharing more interactive? It will be really better, that’s why Messenger Platform is  releasing the media template, which allows businesses to attach a CTA button when sending videos, images and gifs, or when sharing content from the webview. Moreover, the template supports Facebook URLs. Do you remember those days when you could only send media as standalone items those days are over. By attaching a button, businesses can now include user actions like a share button to the video/image and increase engagement.

Do you know what is Broadcast API in open beta, will it be useful to your business?

Broadcast API in open beta will give businesses with the pages_messaging_subscriptions permission to send messages to multiple subscribers with a single API request. For example, a news publisher might use the Broadcast API to send breaking news alerts to all their subscribers, or use custom labels to send game-score alerts to sports fans who follow a specific team.


Facebook Messenger Platform is always looking forward to add extra features and to make customer experience better Page-level feedback feature is one of those features, we are also that help businesses to view people’s feedback so they can iterate and improve upon their Messenger experience.Do you have a business that has multiple service providers? This feature is made especially for you as it will help you to see how people rated their Messenger experience by simply clicking on Page Settings>Messenger as it aggregates all feedback in one place.


Automation in more Languages

Built-in NLP was one of the features that were added in July as a simple way to automatically detect meaning and context in every text message that a person sends, before it gets passed to a business’s bot. Starting today, in addition to English, Built-in NLP is now available in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Vietnamese. The default NLP model is able to detect the following entities in all supported languages: date & time, location, amount of money, phone number and email.


More In Messenger’s 2.2 Release:

Handover Protocol, Page Insights API, Messaging type flag requirement, New Message Tags

Messenger is growing like  germinate flower:
Day by day Facebook messenger is growing faster than before, based on our experience over last years, Messenger is going to to be one of the most usable helping contrivance, it can help you buying, entertaining, playing, watching, communicating even helping you in your daily GYM routine, not only that but what can happen if Facebook developed or invested in medical devices  so it has all your history as where did you travel and it can help you in the diagnosis of what you are facing right now.

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