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Facebook ads Learning phase

How much time do you spend on your facebook profile just checking some news or acting with it as your diary by writing down how you feel and post your personal updated news. What about moving your knowledge further by understanding how we can make our Facebook usage more useful. Facebook  can have a remarkable effect on your business, help it to be more successful and boost as quick as a rocket in the market. Facebook decided to impress business users with a new status in Facebook Ads Manager which is Learning (Facebook Ads Learning phase), but the question is what is the Facebook Ads learning phase and is it really important for my business? This is what will be answered throughout this article.

What is Facebook Ads Learning Phase Feature?

Learning phase helps the advertiser to know when exactly the campaign is fully optimized. Although, Learning is just a small word that appears between 2 brackets and might not even grab your attention, but this word has really an enormous effect, let’s just make a small flashback on how Facebook ads were previously working, only small quantity of purchases was more than enough to collect data, but now Facebook is more greedy and it looks for more data in order to help you reach your campaign objectives.


Facebook being greedy now is better than the previous tiring process that we had to pass by to reach our KPIs, what about giving you a tiny reminder how it was going on, the advertiser had to wait for the Ad Sets to run 3 -4 days and/or 15 – 25 conversions before making any changes in order to give chance to the algorithm to collect enough data and adjust the required optimization changes. Otherwise, any premature changes could risk resetting the algorithm along with optimization efforts causing negative KPI changes.

Learning Phase Process:

Do you remember this status that shows Active when you run your campaign, now it will have a slight difference and it will show Active (Learning). Let’s now go further and deeply understand how it works. When Facebook just delivers the ad set, the data they have is not satisfying to help your business be the boss in the market, Facebook still needs some necessary information to be able to deliver it correctly.


Accordingly, Facebook passes through a normal process, which is showing the ad to different people with different interests and preferences. After that Facebook starts to monitor and identify which people react more to the ad and are more interested in it, once Facebook understands this point the learning phase is over and Facebook moves to the next step.


Recipes tell you nothing. Learning techniques is the key.

Tom Colicchio

Let’s move to the next step, after Facebook collects all the information it needs you will discover some fluctuations in the performance of your ad but don’t worry your steps to be the boss in the market are becoming closer. Fluctuations isn’t a negative indicator, but it reflects that Facebook is still collecting more and more data after the learning phase to be able to get stable. Accordingly, this exact moment is the right moment that the advertiser has to be the decision maker and decide if the campaign is successful or it does need some optimization, this is a very huge step in ads optimization process to achieve the desired results on your business.

We have already agreed that Facebook now is more greedy, now needs 50 purchases not as it was previously from 15 to 25,  on the other hand, do you really feel that this information is new, as it’s clearly known that the more purchases the more optimized the ad becomes. Facebook is always keen to make your Ad more optimized so it keeps collecting data even on your old ads.

Facebook ads for a successful business

To sum it all up, Facebook is always looking forward to make your business more and more successful as this phase will help advertisers in their decision making process. However, the learning phase was always there on Facebook, but now they decided to inform the advertisers in which phase they are exactly in to make it easier and to understand the fluctuations in their ads.

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