Email Marketing

Update and engage your clients with stunning email marketing campaigns tailored to the individual contact or subscriber.

Our software has been designed for spam compliance and maximum deliverability, ensuring emails reach your customer/ contact list inbox in the right format. We offer the right template and design you need to present and send better newsletters, also create email campaigns that deliver your brand and message effectively.


  • Connect your business to your audience
  • Powerful automation emails
  • Create a call to action emails
  • Design flexibility
  • Highly customized reports

Why Leogami?

Leogami Email Marketing Service equips businesses with what they need to create and maintain effective email campaigns and further business growth. If you’re prepared to take your company’s marketing operations to the next level, contact the Leo and enquire about our email marketing service.

* Dolphin communicate with others through special waves, like how we use our unique technique in sending mailshots serving our customers objectives

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