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Our third medical digital miracle is an emergency contraceptive pill product under DKT’s international company, Contraplan II, also an FDA approved brand. Yet another challenging medical journey because of how contraceptives were rejected by the Egyptian community. The product was in the market many years before we were officially responsible for it digitally. However, the product’s production stopped from the market for a while and then brought back again.

We began our journey with Contraplan II when it was introduced back to the market. The availability of the product a few years back made it slightly easier for us to create brand awareness on the emergency contraceptive pills. This is because some people already had a general background on Contraplan.

However, there were many other people who had no idea what the product was about. So we started our journey with them from the very beginning, we handled the brand kick-off on social media and created a website from scratch. We faced several challenges on the way but we were able to reach successful objectives through solutions.



People had a very hard time understanding the product and what it serves exactly. It wasn’t a pregnancy test or abortion pills, it was emergency pregnancy pills that should be taken after unprotected or unplanned sexual intercourse. However, that wasn’t understood at all. People didn’t know the exact dose to be taken, when and why they can take it!

Another aspect that made the brand position even worse in the market was that it wasn’t easily found, so even if people did understand the nature of the product. They wouldn’t find it easily.  

A sector of people believed this product to be an unethical product, it wasn’t morally correct to be used. The cultural mindset towards the contraceptive solution was very sensitive. As shown in our previous medical case studies with Fiesta and Planny.

The product had certain side effects that were almost similar to the pregnancy effects. So when they took the pill and felt pregnancy symptoms, they think the pill was of no use. Others thought it was abortion pills. Which were yet other incorrect facts.



Our team decided that the best way to start solving these challenges is by first creating long term awareness campaigns to create a suitable fan base. The first awareness campaign was on the product and the concept behind emergency contraceptive pills, and how it used to be in the market and is now back again. We made use of the market gap that Contraplan filled during the awareness campaign by presenting the brand as the best solution for emergency situations.

The second campaign under brand awareness was to build a strong knowledge base on morning-after pills and the know-how behind it. Things like how the pill could be used and why it is recommended to be used.

2 other challenges needed solutions. The fact that it wasn’t always available to a lot of people and how the product could be used. We solved both challenges with a united solution that fixed many obstacles, we established a well-made website that was user friendly! (you can check the website here) It was compatible with the company’s brand colors and visuals that cater a huge sector of the target audience; women. Our goal was to create a website that offers simple knowledge of the concept behind the brand. To provide all the information needed from the customers. Starting from what it is and where it could be found to frequently asked QAs (Questions & Answers). And we did succeed in doing so!



Even though it was an extremely sensitive product; we were able to overcome every single challenge the brand faced. Whether it was on the digital platforms or in the market. Every problem was solved through strategic objectives and diverse campaigns to cater all the targeted people, who were many because our target market was couples in general.

Soon, we were able to reach a high level of engagement from the followers on Contraplan’s social media platforms. Many began to ask about the product and where to buy it. Our plan did not stop here!

Our team created an engagement campaign that had knowledge for newlyweds or those who will get married soon. We gave them a solution of ‘backup’, the product was an emergency solution, not a long-term product.

Campaigns depending on the season were then introduced. We created summer campaigns and the holidays. Specifically for couples who are not always together, because of working abroad and last minute flights back and forth.

We also created a campaign in English targeting expats and foreigners with specified demographics that usually have foreigners like Maadi & Zamalek. We wanted to let foreigners know the product because they asked about it. However, they weren’t able to reach it in pharmacies. And they didn’t know that it was a morning after pills.

We used our slogan for several campaigns because of how relatable and successful people saw it. ‘Be sure, be confident’, to reflect strong and confident women. Our team decided to use it on a long-term basis to encourage followers that this is how they should see the brand. As a solution for couples to be sure and be confident. Because Contraplan II eliminates any worries that you may have!


Video Advertisement

One of the most remarkable milestones we had with Contraplan II was the video campaign. It started out as a radio ad then transformed later into a video. We used the major situations people may go through that would let them use Contraplan, like long distance couples. It reached almost half a million views with very high engagement rates because the situations were very relatable to the audience. It was an actual turning point for Contraplan!

Contraplan II Morning After Contraceptive Pill Leogami

Even though we worked with this brand for a short time, but its changes from point A to point B was tremendous. The strategic objectives that we set for it from the very beginning created long-term success points for the brand. We’re proud to have worked with them. Especially in their second kick-off phase of bringing the product back to the market.


A different type of challenge, a unique form of success from Leogami 😉

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