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Algorithm changes shot referral traffic and organic reach

October 13, 2019 by in category Digital Marketing, Social Media

Hello, world! Facebook reach algorithm is the key of organic reach. Understanding the Facebook reach algorithm will give you the chance to boost your posts organic reach. If you want any traffic from Facebook, you have to pay for it, so the money controls the world now. We’ve been hearing variations on the above themes […]

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Boost your Android

September 18, 2019 by in category Trends, Websites

You can now save your mobile storage by the hidden Google feature and boost your Android! If you are an Android user and your mobile uses Google’s Android Operating system, then this article may be useful for you. Did you know about the hidden feature of Google to boost your Android? If Not, here’s an […]

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Facebook Dating

September 18, 2019 by in category Digital Marketing, Marketing, Social Media, Trends, Uncategorized, Websites

Hello World! Facebook dating is booming! After months of tester around the world, Facebook Dating is running now in the US. Facebook is invading Tinder’s with a new set of dating features. It will let people create a dating profile on it. It will only be visible to non-friends who also opted into dating. Facebook […]

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Sports Marketing Now In Leogami – LaLiga & ESLSCA Sports Marketing Course

March 20, 2019 by in category Digital Marketing

It wasn’t just a lack in the market, it was a misunderstanding concept of being a marketer, digital marketer or an agency using the marketing arms to drive it’s appearance to the biggest pool which is SPORTS! Did you ever hear about sports marketing? Of course you didn’t but it might give you a spotlight […]

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Leogami’s Medical Website Renovation with Pharmamart

November 19, 2018 by in category Websites

A complete website renovation project for Leogami. Pharmamart is a notable company that works in the field of manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing of branded generics, wound healing, medicated cosmetics and food supplements. We were able to change their site from a basic website that was missing information when compared to international standards. They needed […]

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Stratamark’s 3 Month Journey Campaign

November 18, 2018 by in category Branding, Content Management

Our next medical journey in line is Stratamark. A company that creates medical products designed and clinically proven for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks. It was both a test and a chance to raise awareness about this issue. Our journey with Stratamark was a 3-month campaign. Aimed towards creating a quick, strategic success […]

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Social Media Marketing Done Right: Amer’s Brand Identity Transformation

November 14, 2018 by in category Branding, Content Management

Our 2 year client until this day! Amer Pharmacies is a chain of pharmacies across Cairo. They were on the look-out for an agency that provided unique digital marketing services for their social media platform. They did not have any digital brand presence at all. So we led a statistical market research to comprehend the […]

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Contraplan’s Quick Turning Point with Leogami

November 12, 2018 by in category Content Management, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Websites

Our third medical digital miracle is an emergency contraceptive pill product under DKT’s international company, Contraplan II, also an FDA approved brand. Yet another challenging medical journey because of how contraceptives were rejected by the Egyptian community. The product was in the market many years before we were officially responsible for it digitally. However, the […]

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Our Story with Planny’s Challenge: A Home Ovulation Test

November 8, 2018 by in category Branding, Content Management, Digital Marketing, Websites

The next brand in line for our medical series is Planny ovulation test. An account under DKT international like Fiesta but a slightly different type. Our journey with Planny started after our success journey with Fiesta. This product helps women know their ovulation timings and the most suitable time for women to become pregnant. It’s […]

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How We Reshaped a Contraceptive Brand: Fiesta’s Development Story

October 31, 2018 by in category Content Management, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Websites

Fiesta is a high-quality condoms and lubricants brand and one of the brands under DKT international. A product that provided solutions through contraceptive methods with no side effects or any cause of pain like all other methods, whatsoever. A quite sensitive product but we were definitely up for the challenge. Leogami faced a lot of […]

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