Social Media Marketing Done Right: Amer’s Brand Identity Transformation

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Our 2 year client until this day! Amer Pharmacies is a chain of pharmacies across Cairo. They were on the look-out for an agency that provided unique digital marketing services for their social media platform. They did not have any digital brand presence at all. So we led a statistical market research to comprehend the nature of the business. Quickly, we were able to reach many successful objectives that lead to a distinctive digital presence that emerged among the industry of pharmacies.



We started with them from scratch. The brand needed awareness of the brand in general, the products they offered, the services that made them unique from the competitors and the numerous locations. They completely lacked a significant digital presence. This was also because there was an absence of identity, which affected the client’s desired brand image that they wanted to show. This was needed to be reflected on the designs created for the social media platform used.

The locations of the pharmacy branches were not clear and people didn’t know where it was located. This happened because of lack of awareness on the digital platforms as well. We wanted to completely change the brand identity absence as well as provide information on all the locations.

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Brand Objectives

We decided to put one main priority to decide further objectives on. The main priority was to create as much awareness as possible. However, with the relevant audience and the target market that could provide engagement, show interest and take action. The first thing we did is provide information on the pharmacy branches and all the relevant details they may need. We also started providing the kind of products they can find with us

2 years ago, when we first began our journey with Amer Pharmacies, we prioritized awareness until we reached a stable fan base. After completely stabilizing, we decided to alter the direction to a more beneficial content direction.

This was supported by a fixed monthly editorial calendar with constant campaigns related to health awareness. We altered our monthly calendar to go with the global medical calendar. For example, we began creating awareness of certain diseases depending on the global medical calendar. We tackled each awareness campaign with all its details. The division of each awareness campaign was:

  1. What is the disease?
  2. It’s symptoms
  3. How to avoid it
  4. How to treat yourself from such a disease


There was a theme for each campaign for the content to be visually appealing. Our output from doing awareness campaign months was to let people know everything related to each disease tackled.

We also included some of the products offered in every editorial calendar depending on the season we’re in. So we can grab the audience’s attention with the relevant content that will most likely be relatable to many.


We’re proud to be still working with them and present our cherry on the top client. We’re also glad to be part of their success journey that is still developing till now!


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