11 Highlights from Facebook’s 2018 F8 Conference

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Do you have a lot of questions concerning Facebook and what are the new updates after Cambridge Analytica? You will find the answer of a lot of questions in this article and new features that might impress us all. Facebook F8 conference was one of the most important conferences for anyone highly concerned with social media, including multiple announcements and many of them announced by Mark Zuckerberg himself and they were quite interesting given the circumstances the company has been in recently.

If you didn’t have enough time to check them all here are some of the most major takeaways from this year’s event.

Facebook Dating

One of the most interesting announcement was the dating feature in Facebook, yes now you can date others through Facebook, it seems a little bit weird and different, all you have to do is to add a dating profile and don’t worry it won’t be visible to friends who have done the same.

The next step is Facebook’s role, the system will use your activities within Facebook, match users and provide a dedicated inbox, instead of mixing up those messages with the rest of Messenger. It’s really a good feature that might attract a lot and might have impressed us all but the question now how Facebook will handle privacy in this service?

Messenger Chatbot Embargo Lifted

If you are a marketer then this announcement would make you pleased as Chabots’ aren’t banned anymore in Facebook Messenger.
The chatbot ban was suddenly imposed over a month ago, to the detriment of businesses which make use of Messenger to interact with their customers.
While now after F8, Marketers will be able to connect their Facebook pages with their Facebook Messenger applications – and you’ll be pleased to know that everything works as intended.

Clear History

Do you feel always worried and concerned about privacy and security in Facebook, you feel always tracked? Facebook after Cambridge Analytica debacle is now launching a new privacy feature called Clear Search History.

Now you will be able to delete all your personal data that has been accumulated for a long time from apps and sites using ads and analytics tool, for sure you will feel so much secured when you will be able to delete your browsing history from Facebook’s data store, which Zuckerberg has compared to deleting cookies on your web browser.

Instagram Video Chat and Anti-Bullying

Facebook isn’t the only social media platform with new features, lets check what will be new in Instagram.

Instagram isn’t an app to add your selfies and some of your memories anymore, now there is  a video chat feature, which will add to the Instagram Direct inbox feature.

Moreover, Instagram now is concerned about protection, accordingly there’ll also be a new comment filter implemented against cyber-bullying, which is quite rampant in the service. Instagram’s also implementing changes to the Explore tab, with new topic filters to help users improve discovery.

Facebook is maintaining a lot of pressure on Snapchat by adding on a regular basis more and more new features, especially after launching stories on both Instagram and Facebook.


Facebook is Re-opening its App Review Process

Facebook now will take us to a complete reversal by implementing once again a very strict reviews on apps that get into social media platform.

Facebook won’t be able to afford making use of another app like “thisisyourdigitallife” that harvest user data without consent all over again – and while they’re not preventing app developers from being able to deliver great user experiences through the site, the company’s certainly trying to be a lot more careful this time.

Oculus Go Now on Sale for $199

Do you love virtual reality and you are a big fan of this technology, this announcement will make you super happy. Facebook is exerting a lot of effort to bring virtual reality to the masses, consequently facebook released the standalone Oculus Go headset.

While concerning the pricing, they will be $199 for 32GB of on-board storage, while the $249 provides 64GB of it.

Oculus Go will offer a more tailor-made experience with an affordable price instead of Samsung Gear VR that you have to stick into it a smartphone.


Oculus TV

Facebook always impresses us and technology will never stop at the first step, Facebook is churning out their own virtual reality television network from Oculus division.
VR is the future of media consumption, and Facebook is heading the charge with Oculus TV.
While it only has Facebook Watch content available at the moment, services like Netflix and Hulu are expected to be made available on Oculus TV in the near future

Messenger with Translation

Do you know what was the aim of Facebook when it was first created? Connections was the first and most important objective either with family, friends or others. Facebook now is getting back top the main track by adding the translation in chat to break down all language gaps and make people connected better with meaningful connections.

Facebook has started the translation train going with English-Spanish conversations in Marketplace within the U.S.

VR Memories and 3D Photos

F8 included a lot of announcements concerning VR, we could name it VR madness. Facebook is adding VR memories and 3D photos to its repertoire in a bid to lead the way in content delivery.

What may be novelty now could become the mainstream trend of tomorrow, and Facebook is counting on that with these two new features.

WhatsApp Status Hits 450 Million Users

Do you think Facebook pressure on Snapchat reached its maximum and they won’t add any extra pressure? Facebook doesn’t the same and this time the hit is concerning Whatsapp as it lately added stories to Whatsapp Status which is the same version of Snapchat stories. The really surprising news is that Whatsapp stories has also hit 450 million daily active users. That’s double Snapchat’s whole userbase, making this milestone a really big deal (especially given Snapchat’s recent downer of an earnings call).

Let’s put this aside and think about another feature  WhatsApp is also adding stickers and group video calling, also at the same time Snapchat apparently having turned a blind eye on the international market, WhatsApp has pounced on the opportunity, and the move is paying off significantly.

Sharing to Facebook and Instagram Stories from Other Apps

Facebook is looking forward to offer you an easier user experience to boost the convenience and accessibility of posting Stories. Now you can share Instagram and Facebook Stories from other apps as Spotify, SoundCloud, and GoPro, as part of a new arrangement.

If you are sharing your vacation adventures as they happen, or a song that hits your mood just right, you can do it easily right from these apps, and not have to go the long way around to post them as Stories. This could be a boon for travel blogging, music discovery, and many other avenues.

What was in this article was only some of the new announcements, we will be waiting to see when and how they will be implemented. Leogami thinks that Facebook and all social media platforms will keep on developing themselves to add more and more features in order to provide us all with the best user experience that would really satisfy us.

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